How can I get a Slim Waist? These fitness tips will help.

slim waist

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You should not overlook what gym machines can do to help you gain a slim waist. Use these ideas as part of your fitness plan to trim your waistline.

Trying to lose some weight and improve the way you look? A lot of people want a slim waist so they resort to the standard sit-ups or other abdominal exercises.

The challenge is, only doing ab focused workouts isn’t totally helpful for achieving that slim waist.

Losing fat from around your waist, trying to get a flatter stomach, can feel almost impossible at times.

But we’ve taken a different approach to get overall results. That’s why we’re talking about these four gym machines and how they can help you.

For your own safety, before starting any exercise program you should seek the advice of a professional. Tell them what your goals are, and let them guide you on what would be the best way to achieve them in a healthy way.

Personal trainers at the gym have the expertise to get you going. Utilising their expertise can make a lot of difference in the long run and possibly get you there faster.

exercise your full body with a personal trainer

Using Gym Equipment to Progress Towards a Slim Waist

Before we jump right into it you need to be aware it is not possible to spot reduce fat for a slim waist. Burning body fat is the result of a variety of exercises. These four will raise your heart beat and get your metabolism moving. 

1. Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is one of the most under appreciated machines in the gym.

Some write this machine off when trying to lose waist fat, because they think that it is only valid for working their back or for improving cardio.

But in truth, the rowing machine is a total body workout.

It is effective in burning abdominal fat and helping to reducing the waistline.

rowing machine for an ab workout

If you are a beginner, it is better that you start with a low load until the body gets used to it and work your way up. Over time you can increase the load, or add a super-set of another exercise, to burn more fat in the hips. 

2. Can a Treadmill Help Get You a Slim Waist? 

When people search for ‘how to lose waist fat‘ online, the answer is usually a form of running.

In the gym, one of the easiest machines to utilise to help you lose body fat all over and move closer to the slim waist you’re after is the treadmill.

As always, how you use the machine will determine how effective it is for you.

develop a fitness plan for a slim waist using a treadmill

The pace set and time dedicated are the most important elements to consider.

You can use this regularly, aiming for at least of 45 minutes, and it’s going to help activate the lymphatic system and metabolism.

Walking on an incline can help increase your heart rate and activate calorie burning. Your glutes and hamstring muscles will be working hard.

Mix it up on the treadmill. Do some HIIT and then some more even pace.

3. Elliptical Exercise Machine

The elliptical exercise machine, or the indoor cycling machine, is another great option. This machine is much more entertaining and helps you to keep the rhythm better.

The great thing is, this machine really works, even for beginners. It is simple to add into your program for some diversity and a fresh challenge.

elliptical exercise machine

The best way to use this machine to help you get your slim waist is to:

  • stand up straight,
  • hold the handles without leaning on them,
  • increase the resistance,
  • make it incline,
  • keep the momentum.

The movements help to work the abdominal area in a more localized way.

For full effectiveness, use it for at least 30 minutes.

4. Stair Climber

The stair climber can be an intimidating machine, given how hard it can be to use. But the truth is that it is very effective to burn fat and tone the legs.

We’ve established that one of the best ways to reduce waist size is to burn the fat that surrounds it. Cardio exercise is a great contributor to that. And, the great thing is you can get a smaller version of this for your home gym.

Using the stair climber is the same as if you were climbing infinite stairs.

Your butt muscles and abs are going to burn fat and work hard.

To increase caloric expenditure, it is better not to hold on to the support rail of the machine. This helps you engage your hips and core more as you stabilize yourself.

stair climber for home gym

Make sure your posture is correct so you get the biggest benefit.

Try to keep your back straight and your gaze forward, focusing on the exercise that the legs should be doing. This will avoid possible lumbar dislocations and stumbling during the repeated movement.

Utilise this machine along with the others to reach your goals and get a slim waist.

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