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Improve your High Intensity Workout to a Whole New Level

Getting better results from your exercise just got easier.
high intensity workout

A high intensity workout is a burst of energetic exercise, followed by rest, then repeat. It’s an important part of getting good results in your weekly training routine.

Muscles need intensity to develop so your training must be progressive and challenging. Adding high intensity to workouts can produce great results in a shorter period of time. The health benefits may include improving cardio health and lowering blood sugars.

The key is to find a good level of heart pulsing because it helps your aerobic fitness. When your oxygen intake improves it takes you longer to run out of breath and it helps you go further, faster. Studies show high intensity workouts don’t produce the same amount of fat loss as longer sustained activity does. But that is why a variety of fitness workouts should be performed.

Best tips for achieving a high intensity workout

1. Putting the tabata routine into practice

Tabata is an advanced training of structured interval training routines. It pushes the body to the limit. It is a form of HIIT. High intensity interval training exercises are performed for 20 seconds and then you rest for 10 seconds.  Repeat this for about 4 minutes or about 8 sets.

This intensified energetic burst elevates your heart rate so that your body has to work very hard to utilise it’s oxygen. This method can increase your anaerobic capacity if you apply it in your workout program continuously.

Use this tabata training even if you’re a beginner. The shorter time spans so you’ll be able to focus without having to endure a long time.

2. Increase the rhythm or speed of your workout

Most training routines such as HITT use a group of exercises that form a series. These series usually last between 20-30 minutes at a constant pace. It’s effective because it is high intensity for a short period with rests included for a minute. 

Increasing the rhythm or speed of your workout interrupts familiar patterns of exercise. You want to stir it up with high intensity, particularly if your goal is to lose weight.

You can either try it in your own workout or you can join a HITT class. We recommend doing a class to begin with. You’ll learn the correct way to incorporate this into your routine and have some fun at the same time.

3. Perform sprints

A great way to increase intensity is by doing small sprints. That is, running at full speed and with all the power of the muscles engaged for 30 seconds, then resting for 1 minute. Repeat as many times you can in the time allocated.

Sprinting develops explosiveness in your leg movement. Sports such as soccer, running and tennis, utilise explosive movements at all levels. You should not run every day at this intensity because your legs will definitely need to recover. Combine this with something like a pool session the next day to stay fresh.

4. Add jumping exercises

Jumping rope is a high-impact exercise. It requires co-ordination and optimal use of all the muscles of the body. Its continuous and fast practice method will take the body to the extreme. For some people, this high intensity workout could double their standard results.

Likewise, using a battle rope is also great for achieving a high intensity workout. Moving the rope up and down fast provides great cardio and muscle building results. You will often find jump and battle ropes at the gym, so look around for them are start giving them a go.

high intensity workout

5. Activate on breaks during a high intensity workout

It’s normal to take breaks when you’re working out in a weight machine room. To increase the intensity, introduce some cardiovascular exercise in breaks. You could try getting on a stationary bike or treadmill for a few minutes so your heart rate is not lowered at any time.

This is not a method recommended for beginners. It can put tremendous strain on the body if you haven’t had a lot of previous activity. Make sure you have rest days and good nutrition to maintain your overall health.

Things to consider about high intensity workouts

The advantages of improving levels of intensity in your training are clear. It is worth including it as part of your bigger fitness program.

What we would like to say is we do not recommend you do it five times a week on a continuous basis.

Some studies have showed that it can interrupt sleep, especially if you’re doing it too close to bed. It has also shown that it can impact joints when technique is not correct. So, we want to reduce the risk of injury or disruption, and utilise it the smart way.

Once or twice a week would be enough, with days of rest for recovery. Those days you could do some low impact walking or other less intense fitness workouts.

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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