The Best 4 Gym Exercises To Lose Weight Identified

exercises to lose weight

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There are some great exercises to lose weight that you can try out. Whether you're in the gym or at home, your health and fitness goals will get a boost from trying these options.

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One of the most popular goals of a fitness membership is to participate in gym exercises to lose weightLet’s face it, after making changes in our diet the next step is asking what we physically need to do to make an impact.

Of course, our goal here at Healthy Gym Tips is always that you make healthy choices for your long-term wellbeing. You’ll never see us recommend fad diets or crazy workouts that aren’t safe.

So, the first logical place of change is initiating a balanced diet. Then with the understanding that combining your diet with physical activity, you will start to see an increase in your caloric expenditure.

Additionally, you could consider utilising the best protein powder to lose weight or supplements, which may also help in the fat-burning process.

After all that, your focus shifts to the question, what are the gym exercises to lose weight? You want to start to burn extra calories while toning all of your muscles and increasing your cardiovascular capacity.

So, let’s find out what are the best fat-burning exercises at the gym that you can do.

gym exercises done on machines

Our Top 4 Gym Exercises To Lose Weight

When your goal is weight loss you have to remember not to be obsessed with the weight scale when you start your fitness journey.

You should be more interested in reducing the percentage of body fat than the kilos you lose.

Many people are surprised to see that sometimes, in the first few weeks, they actually gain weight.

But that is normal and temporary and occurs due to the development of your muscles.

keep track of your weight loss

Some give up early in disappointment instead of persisting through this initial phase since they believe that the gym isn’t doing anything for them.

However, with the gym workouts to lose weight that we discuss below and, if you choose, the advice of a qualified personal trainer, you will obtain good results sooner than you expect.

1. Get Those Lungs Working

When it comes to trying to lose weight in the gym, you have two great allies at your disposal: the treadmill and the elliptical. Or, if you’re looking to build your home gym, you can easily find some great options that fit your space.

Without a doubt, they are the two machines with which you can burn more calories in less time, which puts them among the best.

Adapt your efforts with them based on your physical condition and increase the intensity as you go.

The treadmill, or the running exercise machine for beginners, is among the best cardio for weight loss that you can do in the gym.

You can start running on the treadmill for about 20 minutes twice a week and extend the sessions until you reach 30 – 40 minutes.

treadmill for whole body exercise

The great thing about treadmills is that as you get better you can turn up the speed to run faster, and even set it at an incline to emulate running up hill.

Training on an elliptical is fantastic to lose weight and work the lower body and muscles of the arms and the core.

The elliptical workout is an excellent option to regain physical shape in a short time by eliminating kilos in the gym and should be a go-to machine for weight loss purposes.

exercises to lose weight

These ellipticals are machines such as stepper machines, but you can also use exercise bikes in the gym for weight loss.

2. A Great Combination

Circuit training is a great option in terms of cardio workouts at the gym. At many gyms you will find specific programs to exercise intensely and achieve rapid fat loss.

They are the so-called global or circuit workouts, which combine different cardio and strength exercises to get you to lose weight and tone at the same time.

You can do them yourself, or as part of a class with an instructor in charge to direct the exercises.

Circuit training often utilises a variety of the best exercises to lose weight to achieve results across the whole body.

Box jumps, jumping rope, jumping jacks, boxing, stride, sit-ups, and squats are some of the exercises that are part of each of these ‘fat-burning’ sessions.

using boxing to lose weight

They also include high-intensity intervals (HIIT training) that increase metabolism basal, making you continue to burn calories after the workout is over.

This is a highly recommended option for weight loss, but be prepared to feel sore from the high intensity.

To get the best from these sessions, it is important to pair them with the best diet to lose weight. Both of these combined will help to achieve the results you are looking for quicker.

weight lifting class

3. Intensity and Burn

This is a great way to burn calories and have fun at the same time.

It is practised in group classes at the gym, which is something that always increases motivation.

Spinning consists of pedalling to the rhythm of the music in an entertaining and engaging way, making you lose kilos in the gym without realizing it.

When spinning is done correctly it can be the quickest way to lose weight while enjoying yourself. because it can be quite intense.

Spinning class for high intensity workouts

If you have friends who are looking to lose weight, join this class with them and start working together to achieve your goals.

It is important to note that to achieve the best results with spinning, you should try to have the best footwear for it. It can make a huge difference in the grip you have during the session and can prevent you from risking an injury.

4. The More Social Activity

There are different options to lose weight in the gym that can be fun while doing the activity that best suits you. You’ll find a great lot of variety and enjoyment in classes.

Keep it fresh by trying different classes out, and challenge yourself with different intensity levels.

Zumba is a fantastic option to get your body moving. It is essentially a workout that is achieved through dancing and is usually done as a group class.

HIIT classes weight loss

The combinations in Zumba are perfect for getting rid of calories while making improvements in your balance and coordination of your movements.

Body Combat, meanwhile, has become a fan favorite cardio workout in recent years, because slimming down and increasing your strength is possible in just a few weeks.

In a one-hour class, you perform constant movements and exercises typical in martial arts.

Boxing and kickboxing movements are some of the normal things you can expect from the class.

It can help eliminate more than 500 calories, while also getting a complete and intense muscular workout.

gym classes help you slim down

If you prefer, the Body Pump is the perfect alternative for losing weight in the gym, but as long as you have a minimum physical shape.

Since some of its exercises to lose weight include the usage of weights to increase the strength and volume of the muscles, your body will need to be able to complete the movements.

Other Options For Exercises To Lose Weight

These are just some options for all tastes and preferences when working out. Although our focus has been on what you can do in the gym, it can also be tailored to suit you when you work from home.

Additionally, you can choose to add simple exercise that helps burn calories like fast walking, short fast sprints or even mountain trail hiking. All of these activate your cardio system and help your body to rid itself of unwanted weight.

Don’t be afraid to mix up what you do. Your body will respond to the challenge and it will be good for your mind.

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