Outdoor Group Workouts, What is the Most Popular and Why is it Good?

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Are you tired of the routine of your gym? Need to find the motivation to get to the gym and get fit? You may need a more radical change than a simple change in the activities you do. We suggest that you take a look at a trend that is gaining more followers every day, and that is outdoor group workouts in the open air.

More and more people are choosing outdoor exercise classes as an alternative to the gym. There is generally more on offer as numerous activities that cannot be done indoors are able to be done. People tend to workout best in a variety of conditions, this can be because some do not have access to a good gym, no money for the costs, and may not be able to perform well in a closed environment.

That is why some people try to look for other ways to get in shape without the need for the gym. The physical results are generally the same as the gym, but there are other benefits of doing these exercises in a group and outdoors.

What can outdoor group workouts do for you?

Outdoor workouts are something that all people should try to utilise in their fitness journey, even just to mix up their program. More and more often people are encouraged to join this group training to force themselves to exercise every week and enjoy an outdoor activity. This is the main factor to start these group workouts, and they have many benefits for those who engage in them. Here are some of the reasons why you should join an outdoor training group now:

1) Sunlight

You may or may not like being in the sun often, but the truth is that it is something as necessary to our general health. We are not saying that you need to train on very hot day in summer but on a regular day with clear skies and sun beaming down, a few rays of natural light are good for everyone.

Training in the light of the sun provides us with vitamin D, something that supports the health of our bones and also our muscles, in addition to preventing the onset of cardiovascular diseases. Outdoor group workouts help you get a great workout in with your friends while getting the necessary vitamin D for out health. You are getting two great benefits by taking the one action to workout outdoors!

On the other hand, not only physical health is impacted, but also our mood will improve and our self-esteem will rise. You genuinely feel happier outside with friends experiencing the joys and the sights of your surroundings. However, do not forget to use sun protection each time to avoid sun burns and worse, so that you will be able to enjoy all these benefits without endangering your health.

2) Goodbye anxiety

There is no doubt that starting to go to the gym is a very healthy habit, but sometimes it puts us in a bad mood. At certain times the gyms can feel crowded in group workouts and even just working out on your own, and that can cause us a feeling of anxiety. You go around the gym and you see all kinds of people sweating, lifting irons and making noise, and if you are having a bad day it may not be the best place to relax and focus.

When we train outdoors all these problems disappear since we have a large space to move. The exercise that they show are generally easy to do without problems, and you can relax with a few friends as you get fit. It is a pleasant environment, where tranquility meets exercise. You can even do these sessions 1 on 1 with a personal trainer if you are still feeling the anxiety of people, but generally you are more free to move around.

3) Create a healthy habit

Exercise is healthy and a habit that should be in everyone’s routines. However, on many occasions it is difficult to keep motivated and laziness overcomes us. We have all been there when the sofa calls us and we stop going to the gym as often. You may be thinking what you can change to get motivated again, as it is important to maintain your momentum to stay fit.

Well, the solution is simple, we can find a workout that we like that can be done outdoors in a group of like minded people. Outdoor group workouts have all the elements to be the change that sparks your interest in getting fit again, which will turn your routine around.

If you work in an office or confined space, you may not feel like hitting the gym again to sweat. It can be hard to feel pumped about going from one enclosed space to another just to put a lot of effort in to working out and feeling really sweaty after. Some people are able to get through this with no issue, but for other people it can be tough to find the will to repeat the same thing every week.

On the other hand, doing exercise outdoors can feel much better than you imagine, which can reinvigorate your mental state. In fact, many studies show that doing exercise outdoors tends to cause lead to more commitment than when it is done inside, but this can be dependent on what you prefer.

4) New friends

The group workouts done outdoors allow us to enjoy the light of the sun, fresh air and endless benefits for our physical and emotional health. However it can also do more for us, especially when it comes to being an ideal place to interact with other people.

Many people, particularly introverts, can find it hard to meet people and make new friends. You may often not go out much, and may find it hard to start conversations with people you don’t have much in common with. This is where outdoor exercise classes can help you out.

When we go to this type of class, we meet many people who are in our same situation and it will give us the incentive we need to attend these classes. It is good to know that most people are like you in the classes so you should not feel alone in your position. Sharing the exercise will lead you to share more things in common with the other people involved. This leads to other benefits including the motivation to attend these workouts.

Outdoor exercise and group exercises are always going to be a dynamic and refreshing addition to our recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

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