Understanding the Names of Gym Class Styles

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Which gym class should you do? We took a look at 7 of the most popular: what kind of gym class is it? Will it work for you?

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How do you know what happens in a gym class? Or what that gym class name means? You’re not the only one! We want to help you understand the names of gym classes and the results they aim for.

Many new options are emerging in the health and fitness space for the gym and at home. So it’s easy to get confused about what the name of the gym class means and what you can expect from it.

With this guide, you will have a clearer idea and be able to make a more informed decision for yourself.

A Basic Guide to 7 Gym Classes

1. Spinning Gym Class

Spin classes are one of the more popular full body workouts available. It’s perfect for burning calories by pedaling to music on the indoor exercise bike.

You involve your whole body, including your arms, abdomen, heart and lungs. They are dynamic classes, lasting about 45 minutes, in which the intensity will make you sweat.

spinning gym class, spin classes

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Noted Results:

As always results depend on your level of commitment. You can read other people’s testimonials here.

Other noted results are:

  • It improves your cardiovascular health.
  • Your leg strength gets better and better.
  • Potential to burn calories at around 400-600 per class.
  • It can decrease stress because of endorphins released.

2. Barre Workout

What is a Barre workout? It is one of the names of gym classes that doesn’t really tell you much.

Barre is a blend of high-intensity and low-impact movements found in the disciplines of pilates, ballet and yoga. So within the whole workout, you’ll feel all your muscles in your core, legs, arms and butt.

barre workout, workout for home gym

They are usually 45-60 minutes long, where you work with music and at a soft/moderate pace.  This class isn’t just for women, there is also barre for men.

Noted Results:

This may be a low-impact workout but you’re going to work hard. Results include:

  • development of strength
  • improves flexibility
  • uses core muscles and tightens
  • enables you to last longer
  • it provokes a calorie burn over a long period
  • reduces stress

3. Reformer Pilates

Reformer pilates workout uses a machine known as a Pilates Reformer that adds resistance and intensity to your workout. It’s even powerful as a cross-training tool.

A full body workout that is low-impact but effective. the machines uses springs under the bed and a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys.

reformer pilates

The great thing is that these classes are very popular with all age groups. Because, it helps you build a strong core, improve your posture and helps injury recovery.

Reformer pilates is popular for aiding specific focus on targeted areas and you can do it from home with the right equipment.

Noted Results:

Reformer pilates is not about instant results but it does improve and strengthen your whole body significantly.

Results include:

4. Crossfit Gym Class

Crossfit exercises are a fun, dynamic and excellent option if you want to lose kilos and get in top shape.

This gym class has been received as the best group workout class in recent years. You should find some options in a gym close to you.

kettlebells during crossfit class

It is a demanding workout. Crossfit combines fast-paced cardio and strength exercises with minimal rest periods, otherwise known as interval training. So, it’s a full-body workout with all muscle groups getting worked and no two classes are the same.

Using the elements of load, distance and speed you can develop powerful functional movement. Crossfit workouts utilise a variety of equipment in the gym from rowers to kettlebells and can also be done in your home gym.

Noted Results:

Although some say they started feeling immediately fitter in just a few days, on average it takes 5-6 months to get to top fitness levels.

Results commented on are:

  • increase in strength (could lift heavier weights)
  • energy becomes more efficient
  • clothes start to fit differently
  • can start as beginner and build up, push yourself to your own limit.
  • enjoy the community it creates
  • a strength and conditioning program that focuses on functional movements
  • improves stress management, helps you sleep better
crossfit class with men on gym equipment

5. Body Combat

The full-on cardio workout that is called Body Combat is fun and guaranteed to raise your heart rate.

In the Body Combat class, you will learn basic movements of different contact sports such as Boxing, Tai Chi, Taekwondo and Karate.

body combat, girl doing a sit up

You’ll be throwing fists, kicks, twists, and jumps without actually hurting anyone makes this a more intense gym class.

Noted Results:

The martial arts that inspired this class makes the body work hard by shifting quickly in different directions. It is said to also:

  • improve cardio health
  • although it’s high-intensity you can modify it as a beginner
  • burns calories
  • tones muscles
  • relieves stress
  • develops reflexes
  • strengths the core muscles

6. Body Pump

Body Pump is strength training but a very different way to build muscle.

In a Body Pump workout, usually, one hour long, the different muscle groups work in a fast-paced session. You should also note, the class uses body pump equipment like barbels and resistance bands.  

This group workout class is known for its motivating music and instructors. Plus it’s scientifically proven moves to improve your whole body.

body pump, outdoors exercise group

Noted Results:

A class with music, weights, people and an instructor. Attendees love it. Results shared from it are:

  • increases muscular strength
  • develops endurance
  • helps with efficient movement
  • group environment provokes you to do better
  • builds strength
  • clearer thinking and decision making
  • clothes fit better
  • defines body shape
ab workouts

7. HIIT Class

The HIIT exercise program is very popular among gym classes particularly those focused on cardio for weight loss.

What does HIIT stand for? High-Intensity Interval Training. So, it incorporates very-high intensity bursts of cardio exercise followed by low-intensity (or recovery) time. 

equipment for your home gym

You can join a class at the gym, or if you prefer, use some equipment like this at home. An effective workout does always need equipment but it can add extra resistance and motion.

You might do a 30-second intense burst of exercise then walk it out for 20 seconds after, or variations of that. HIIT training for beginners, men or women, is a fun way to get variety and impact into your fitness plan. It is a full-body workout.

Noted Results:

Doing High-Intensity Interval Training yields results from hard work and recovery times. Its results are:

  • lose fat, burn calories
  • gain muscle
  • reduce blood sugar
  • raise metabolism
  • improve oxygenation
  • some says it is anti-aging
  • improves posture

Classes at Home or at the Gym?

These are just some of the gym class names you’ll hear about. As I’m sure you’re aware, the list grows every day with new and original variations.

For some people, going to the gym and getting involved with others in a class, helps you get more out of the workout. While others prefer to workout at home. With some smart equipment purchases, any of these classes can be done in the comfort of your home gym.

Of course, the challenge is to do them and improve over time. The gym class workout option will push your body further towards your health and fitness goals, and you’ll have fun along the way.

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