4 Best Back Exercise Machines for Better Results

back exercise machines
What gym equipment is best for backs? When you want better results from your back exercise machines look at these top 4.

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Do you want to have a beautiful back, with firm and toned muscles? Well, you should try training with some back exercise machines to work your back in the gym. This way you will gain strength in the trunk while you achieve the desired ‘V’ shape that you are aiming for.

Working the back muscles specifically can be can be an overlooked part of the gym training routines, but having a healthy and strong back has many benefits. Not only does it help with your posture, but it is also a fundamental muscle group that has an influence on other muscle groups like the shoulders. By developing a strong back, you can improve your stability and development in the gym, as well as many other sports that require balance and correct posture.

Traps, delts, lats, rounds or rhomboids are some of the basic muscles that shape the back that you can tone with specific exercises and with some back machines that are available to you at the gym. Knowing them a little better is worth it in the long run, as you may find something that you like that can help you achieve your desired results quicker.

The best back exercise machines to use in the gym

An effective method for good back workouts is to do it with the help of innovative machines. It is definitely great to do back exercises with free weights, but sometimes you can get an extra push from the support of machines that focus on improving the strength of the back muscles.

1. Cable workout machine

The cable workout machine makes it possible to fully work both the whole back  or some of the specific muscles that need more focused exercise. This pulley system can be a moveable one or fixed, and can be set high or low, in order to complete different exercises that will improve the strength of your back.

The good thing about the cable weight machine is that it gives you a bit more control of the movements compared to most machines, as well as more variety in what can be done. Practically all the muscles in the back can be targeted by an exercise that can be done using these machines. Some of these exercises include the lat pulldown and the face pull.

2. Using a Rowing Machine for Seated Row Exercise

In a fitness room there are different types of equipment with which to ‘row’. The cable rowing exercise machine allows you to do a complete aerobic exercise in which both the upper and lower body are involved. In addition to this, the action of ‘pulling’ the row with both arms, bringing the elbows back, is a great workout for the upper back. The scapular muscles are used thoroughly in this movement, helping to achieve firm, defined and rounded shoulders in the process. You can use a cable machine with this as well with different grips to target varied muscle groups.

Also, you can work your back on another less known machine such as theĀ T-bar row machine. This exercise may look weird when you first see it, but it is essentially an exercise that uses one side of a barbell while the other is attached to a landmine unit. If the gym you go to does not have this landmine unit to support the other side of the barbell, you can use other equipment like dumbbells to hold down the other side to prevent it from moving.

back exercise machines

3. Back Extension Bench

It may not necessarily be one of the back exercise machines, but the standard bench in the gym can not be underestimated for building your back muscles. This can be consider as a great lower back extension machine depending on the exercise that you utilise. Among other exercises, this bench will allow you to flex your trunk forward from the vertical position while contracting the muscles in the lower area to slowly rise again.

This device is ideal for strengthening the lower back muscles that are notorious for the lower back pain that many feel from time to time. The bench can be greatly beneficial for preventing lumbar injuries, improving posture and gaining stability for the practice of any other sporting activity.

4. Reverse Pec Deck or Rear Delt Machine 

This machine is easy to use and valid not only to strengthen your pectorals doing the classic chest openings (peck deck), but also to give strength to shoulders and back. This is one of the many gym machines available that can perform a variety of exercises on the same machine. The support that it provides in the exercise will allow you to push your weight threshold slightly higher to build your rear delts.

If you want the extensions to especially affect the delts, you just have to turn around and do the openings the other way around, that is, facing the back of the machine. Normally with the pec fly variation you are pulling the two handles towards each other in a closing motion, but with this variation you are doing the opposite. This is a great back exercise machines that can really help to tone and strengthen your back, particularly the upper back area.

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