How To Know If Personal Training Is For You

personal training

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What does personal training do? Is it worth getting a personal trainer? We help you decide so you feel confident about your choice.

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How do you decide if personal training is for you? Almost every gym now offers you an extra service of a personal trainer, a one-on-one guide to help you reach your fitness goals. But is it right for you?

There are things you need to consider when you are deciding to invest in this commitment. For example, do you feel confident working through a gym plan by yourself? Do you know how to reach your fitness goals? Are you prepared to invest in this type of service?

Because let’s face it, the cost is probably the primary consideration for most people. If you’re adding the price of a personal trainer to your gym membership, your monthly expenses start adding up.

But the good thing is, there are lots of options available, even with pricing.

Of course, you’d want the reassurance that you are working out with a certified personal trainer. Someone professionally trained is the minimum of what you’ll want. Even better if there are a lot of good recommendations based on their results.

You might like to consider using a personal trainer if you’re starting to get back to the gym to help you focus. But utilising personal training it’s not for everyone, so let’s look at what you need to consider.

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Is Personal Training Right For You?

There are a lot of different ways to exercise when it comes to the gym.

Some people prefer to exercise with others who are motivated, driving them to do better. Others enjoy training alone because they focus better.

Below we will highlight some of the differences that personal training offers compared to other options in the gym.

Workout Alone or With Company?

Most people tend to work out alone at the gym. If you are experienced with this type of environment and know what you are doing, working out with other people can distract you from the program you have in place.

You can easily work out alone when you know what you are doing. That’s why a lot of people love using headphones so they can create focus during their workout.

You can also pick and choose how you work out which is beneficial when running through your routine.

how do you workout at the gym?

If you are one of those who are looking to get fit while making new friends, the best option for you just might be the gym classes.

By attending group classes, you will be able to meet new people or work out with a friend. You will be working out with ten or more people in the class though, so if you are not good with crowds, this may not be an option for you

Many gyms these days offer a wide variety of group activities guided by an expert teacher in the field: Pilates, yoga, spin class, Zumba, GAP, HITT class, and boxing. These are just some of the alternatives you can find in any gym, and all of them are great for working out in different ways with a group of people.

If group classes and crowds are not your strong suit, then the best option is to exercise with a personal trainer.

This type of professional guides you so the exercises can be executed correctly. Personal training helps you use the correct technique, guides you with your program and helps make adjustments as needed.

Freedom or Routine of Schedules?

how available are you for workouts?

Another factor in your decision whether to use personal training will be your availability.

Gym classes run on a schedule that offers no flexibility other than the same class possibly being run multiple times.

If you like working out alone, then you have the freedom to go whenever it suits you.

But, the challenge you may have is maintaining your motivation. You need to plan ahead so you know what to do when you start feeling like this.

However, when choosing personal training, you will be the one who sets the schedule according to your availability. You can choose a time before going to work, during lunchtime, or also, once you have finished your workday.

Of course, this will need to be balanced with the schedule of your trainer, but having something booked every week will help you keep committed to your goals.

Get In Shape Quick or Set Your Own Pace?

When you opt for the gym alone as an alternative to getting in shape, you should know that the process will be slower and that it will require a bit of perseverance. You will need to be fully dedicated to this, as there will be no one keeping you in check when you slack off.

You will be in charge of setting your weights and reps, as well as the exercises done in each session. This is great when you know what you are doing, but a hassle when you are just starting.

However, with a personal trainer, this process is faster because the sessions are more specific and you will be actively involved. With the motivation of the coach, you will achieve your goals quickly.

They can help you perform more exercises with the correct technique when you are starting out, which will add up over time to greater results with less risk of injury.

They can help push you to do better than the previous week, and can even adapt the program to increase the difficulty when you become better. This can be a massive time-saving value for you.

what pace do you set for your workouts?

Benefits Of Personal Training Classes

Personalised Attention

Choosing personal training to get in shape means you will enjoy more personalized attention. As a professional, they will be focusing on you and helping you get the results you want.

They will develop a program based on your goal, the number of sessions you need each week, the exercises needed and the sets and reps required. Also, they can make adjustments based on how you perform week by week.

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In addition, it has been shown that with a personal trainer the results are more effective in the short term than when attending a gym by yourself. This is because of the higher level of commitment involved.

They can make sure that you follow through with your schedule on the days when you are just not feeling up to it. They are your personal motivator to achieve your goals.

Your Fitness Guide

Having a personal trainer also helps you get a good technique in the execution of the exercises from the beginning. 

An advantage that, in addition to saving you time, helps you prevent injuries.

Also, they will help you set realistic goals and get results.

You’ll be able to build up your confidence as they assist you in establishing healthy habits.

your personal fitness guide

Keeps You Motivated and Prevents Boredom

The great advantage of working with a personal trainer is that they are completely flexible about how they will challenge you. It’s too easy to get bored when you fall into a routine at the gym.

Doing the same kinds of workouts or classes can lead you to feel a bit bland. Because of the personalised nature of personal training, with the constant evaluation of your wins, motivation is far easier to maintain.

Personal Training Can Help You Physically Recover Safely

If you’ve suffered an injury or you have a physical condition that has impacted your ability to exercise, an experienced trainer can help you safely.

There are all sorts of specialities within the personal training world and the right one can help you implement what the doctor has suggested. They can help guide you so you don’t overdo any exercises.

Is It Worth Getting A Personal Trainer?

The personal trainer’s cost can be high if they are experienced, but it can be worth it when you are starting or if you have specific goals. The great thing is, personalised attention can save you time and money, not to mention build your confidence.

how to know if you need a personal trainer

So, the question is, how invested are you in getting results?

Remember, when you are about to hire a personal trainer, look for one who knows how to listen to you but also, who is innovative and has updated knowledge of new personal training techniques.

Without a doubt, this is the best time to get in shape and get back to training.

Give personal training a go and see if it works for you!

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