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4 Simple Gym Clothing Mistakes You Can Avoid

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If you want to get in shape, you may have thought about joining the gym. It is something that can greatly improve not only our physical form, but also our health both mentally and emotionally.  Making sure you have the right gym clothing is one part of a wholistic approach to having a productive and pleasurable experience.

Just as any sport has proper equipment that you need to use and wear, the same applies to the gym. An important focus that should be considered is clothing and accessories because this can make the difference in your results. Therefore, in this article, we will draw your attention to some ideas around gym attire mistakes that you should avoid to maximise your performance.

What gym clothing should you not wear?

We all know that exercise is good for us but in the gym, without the proper gear, there is always a potential to injure ourselves or be uncomfortable. This can be avoided with some simple forethought.

One place to consider is to organize your gym bag, (read our article: gym bag essentials you need to know). Today our main focus is the errors people make instead of taking thought about the best gym clothes and accessories. That way, you will avoid falling into common mistakes that can sour your visit to the gym.

Error #1: Wearing the wrong footwear

If you are relatively new to the gym experience, it is usually common for you to join the gym and start with limited preparation. A lot of beginners just tend to go in right away even if something as important as their footwear is not suitable for working out.

One of the most common gym clothing mistakes is to wear footwear like sneakers. We call them sneakers but we wear them for fashion to look good, but they are not suitable for exercise. These shoes are not structured for the impact or flexibility you need when you’re putting them to use in the physical exercise space.

Sometimes the sole is too thin and can make the joints suffer. Other times, the ankle support fails since your footwear may be flat which does not properly support the ankle when lifting weights. The fact is that one of the best investments you can make is quality shoes.

Error #2: Not using a supportive bra

Jumping, running and moving with agility are things that you will have to do in the gym often. As a man you may not need to worry about this, but for women you will suffer if you do not use the proper support. It does not matter if you have larger or smaller breasts, the correct type of sports bra is an essential piece of gym clothes for women. The right supportive bra will provide you with protection and comfort that will make your experience at the gym a lot better.

So, if you’re joining the gym, remember to get a sports bra, but don’t just go for one. The bra will have to hold you well during very intense exercises. If you are planning on going to the gym a lot, we recommend that you get several to ensure you can alternate to make them last. It leaves you with one less thing to worry about, so that you can focus on doing your workouts while taking care of your body.

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Error #3: Not removing jewellery and valuables

Rings, bracelets, necklaces. These everyday items can cause some trouble for you as you workout. It’s not just that they move and bother you, but they can get caught in machines or even clothes. This is extremely dangerous in things like exercise bikes that continue to rotate as it can pull and drag on these accessories causing some serious injuries.

In addition, they can be stained with sweat and damaged. Nobody wants to use an expensive watch or earring that has been damaged from something that they did in the gym. It is unnecessary to wear them in your workouts, and it can actually distract you from pushing your best levels in an exercise if it gets in the way. We think its best that you leave them at home before going to your gym, or that you keep them in a bag in a locker to keep them safe.

Error #4: Using cotton clothes

One of the first things we should think about when choosing the right clothes to exercise in is our comfort. It is important that we take into account all the factors, such as wearing clothes that absorb sweat well, have good breathability and that allow for unrestricted movement. Absorbing sweat is one of the more important elements that your gym clothing needs to deal with, so this is where we should discard cotton clothing.

Cotton clothing can absorb sweat, don’t get us wrong, but it then the material gets all wet and sticks to you in an unhygienic way. This can be annoying when you workout, and hard for the people around you if your clothing starts to smell. We recommend that you lean towards things like synthetics and fabrics, which can dry faster and make your day at the gym more comfortable.

Little decisions can make a big difference

In isolation these four ideas might seem like little things but sticking with your health and fitness plans in a gym does not need to be derailed by unnecessary stumbling blocks. That’s why preparation and easy decisions like these healthy gym tips are going to help you keep motivated and focus on your long term goals.

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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