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The gym bag essentials you need to know

When you're building up your regular gym routine one thing you should plan is your gym bag essentials. If you're prepared for the gym, then it will be easier to just grab it and go.
gym bag essentials

Is your gym bag a mess? Do you always end up missing something that would make your workout better? It is important to have the gym bag essentials so that you do not forget anything you need to make your workout and experience a success.

Firstly, make sure you have the best bag for gym gear so that you have the proper space for the things you will need. The ideal gym bags usually have compartments for different items like shoes and bottles, making the process of organisation simple.

Just preparing your gym bag can become an annoying headache that impacts motivation for ​​getting ready and going to training. But by being in the right mindset, you can organise your bag efficiently, saving time in the long run.

You will see that it becomes a simple routine and that it will be very easy to maintain that order, having everything ready in a matter of minutes. Follow these practical tips because with them, knowing what to take to the gym will no longer be a problem.

Gym bag essentials when going to the gym

Bring what you need, neither more nor less, and in a way that is comfortable to find anything without needing to empty the whole bag. If you are a beginner to the gym, then establishing some good habits around your gym bag will help make your experience better. These following gym bag essentials will help you have everything that you need and save you time:

1.  A bag for gym use exclusively

This will seem like an obvious thing but having a proper gym bag can make your life a whole lot easier. If you use a different sports backpack every day, or carry your things in whatever bag you have at hand it’s not contributing to you forming a strong habit of being prepared. You may find that you have lost something important because it’s in a different bag or you might be denied access to a part of the gym because you’ve forgotten a necessary item.

Choose an appropriate backpack that is the right size, and better with several compartments or pockets to make it easier for you to organize. A good example of this would be the Canway Sports Gym Bag.  This is ideal so you can separate, for example, clean clothes from those already used, sneakers, water bottles, and towels that are wet and dry.

Putting everything together with no organisation will just lead to more hassles for you, and more cleaning afterwards. On the contrary, try to find the ideal location for each thing otherwise when you finish training, looking for your keys will be mission impossible.

2.  Water bottles and other drinks

Seems like another obvious item for gym bag essentials, but you would be surprised the amount of people who forget or don’t bother taking it. We all know that hydration is extremely important for all exercise in general. Not only is it important for your overall health, but being hydrated helps you perform at your best levels. That is why it is important to hydrate before, during and after exercise.

The key to the best water bottles for your gym bag is its size, reusability and its capacity to keep the water cool for a prolonged period of time. Usually the best ones are stainless steel bottles that are vacuum insulated and are very easy to clean hygienically. If you have the proper bag then you can put the bottle in the dedicated side pouch to save space and avoid spills.

Outside of water bottles, other drinks such as sport drinks and protein shakes can be included depending on your schedule. If you are working out for a long time, sports drinks are perfect to restore electrolytes. Likewise, protein shakes are important to help the body start repairing the muscles as soon as possible.

3.  Essential gym accessories

These are the items that will be necessary for your workout in the gym that are normally not provided. This can differ between people due to the type of workouts being done, as well as the gyms that they go to. Just because one gym has the equipment does not automatically mean that other gym will have it as well.

Gym Towel

One of the first gym bag essentials that should be packed is a gym towel. This is not the same as the towel that you will use in the showers later. Instead, this is a smaller towel that helps clean the sweat produced from the workout, both of yourself and the equipment you use. Nobody wants to use equipment that is dripping from someone else’s sweat, especially now after COVID has impacted so many, so do the right thing and have a towel on hand to clean up.

Resistance Bands

Another accessory that is generally a necessity for people in the gym is resistance bands. They are often used in warm up exercises to activate the muscles and get them ready for the workout ahead. Resistance bands are also used in a lot of exercises to increase difficulty. While most gyms have rubber exercise bands available to use, you will find they are mostly worn and not as good as what you can bring. Some of the best you will find available are the rogue resistance bands due to their high quality.

Foam Roller

The other accessory you may want in your bag is a foam roller. Foam rollers are perfect for reducing of lactic acid build up in the muscles to promote faster healing. That is why they are perfect for before and after sessions, however most gyms should already have some there. You can bring other accessories if you wish but these are generally the main three.

4.  Fresh clothes and hygienic items

For those wondering what to take to the gym next, it should be things related to personal hygiene. Sweat is an obvious result after a hard workout, so it is important to shower to freshen up and keep your skin healthy. Since most gyms have them you should take advantage of it for convenience.

Remember to include things like a fresh towel, a clean change of clothes, deodorant and the general shower products like shampoo and soap. You may also have sliders or sandals to walk between the shower and your locker so your feet are protected. Put all the smaller items in a small travel bag that will fit in your gym bag if you have one, as it is easier to keep things organised.

5.  A healthy snack and other accessories

These last options are generally optional, so you can decide for yourself if you want to include these: an energy bar, a piece of fruit and a protein shake. Great options to help start the recovery process after a workout.

The accessory that many people include in gym bag essentials would be headphones. While they aren’t exactly necessary, they are highly recommended and widely used by most people at the gym. They will keep you motivated and focused on your workout instead of the sounds around you.  These are often the go-to for the best gadgets to use in the gym.

Make a list to remember your gym essentials

Basically, you’ll need the same things every time you go to the gym, so to save time and make sure you don’t forget anything, make a gym bag checklist of ‘basics’ and another with useful accessories to take to the gym that you only use occasionally. Make sure you prepare your bag the night before as well to avoid missing stuff when rushing to the gym.

Once you have this in place you can have your bag ready in minutes, ready for a great session at the gym!

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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