Best Shoulder Exercise Equipment in the Gym

Shoulder Exercise Equipment
These proven machines are in the top five shoulder exercise equipment items. Use them in your shoulder workouts whether you're at the gym or in your home gym.

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What is the best shoulder exercise equipment that you can use? We’ve answered the question with our list of the top five machines.

But first, we want to emphasise that we are talking about gym machines. By which we mean, ‘an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work‘. So, we are not looking at individual weights or exercises here, only equipment designed to work for specific muscle groups.

Whether you’re using them in the gym or at home, see how you can incorporate these five machines into your fitness program.

Shoulder Exercise Equipment in the Top 5

#1 The Go-To

The Shoulder Press Gym Machine can easily be utilised at the gym or at home.

You can see the example of a multi-functional unit that helps you develop your muscles using the resistance of the machine.

The fantastic thing is you’ll find an increase in the stability, mobility, size and strength of your shoulders.

shoulder exercise equipment

You will discover that the press is a complete exercise. It affects all three areas of the deltoid and also helps to strengthen the trapezius.

With it’s adjustable heigh and comfortable seating, you can work the whole range of back and shoulder muscles easily.

#2 Creating Constant Tension

shoulder exercise equipment

Beginners in the gym can often underestimate this machine when they first see it, especially compared to the others.

However, the cable workout machine is among the best devices with which to work shoulders in the gym.

It focuses on pulling the cable which establishes a resistance that will demand strength from your shoulder muscles.

The greatest benefit of the machine is the amount of different exercises that can be performed with it.

#3 On The Deck

shoulder exercise equipment

The Pec Deck Machine can easily be found in the gym. It is mainly used to perform chest-flys which work the pectorals using very simple exercises.

This machine works the majority of upper body muscles in a simple but effective way.

With it, you not only work your pectorals but also the important chest muscles involved in that movement.

Whether you’re using the Pec Deck Machine in the gym or you have a multi-function system at home, you’ll be able to build some serious muscle.

This is among the best back and shoulder workout machines because of the way it activates the muscles.

#4 It’s All In The Flow

shoulder exercise equipment

Among the shoulder exercise equipment available in a gym, the rowing machine is one of the most effective.

This machine does exercises with a smooth flow, in a simple way. It strengthens the upper body as a whole and achieves more development of the deltoids.

Rowing workouts are great at working the rear delts, but also utilise the shoulder in the full motion to strengthen all the muscles.

This exercise can be done either from the stand alone machine or from the attachments of the cable machine.

Also, it’s worth noting that these machines are also available for home gyms with all sorts of great extras to make it a great purchase.

#5 Safety First in Shoulder Exercise Equipment

shoulder exercise equipment

Like most of the machines mentioned, a shoulder workout on a smith machine is great for doing a variety of exercises that target different areas of the shoulders.

It utilises a barbell similar to the ones used for free weight exercises, however the machine helps control and support your movements more.

Doing these exercises on a smith machine helps to reduce the risk of injury that can occur to your shoulder when it bends back in an unnatural position.

A lot of people have torn their rotator cuff by going to far back into the movements with weight, which causes the muscle to give out.

It’s a great way to give yourself a chance to master the exercise while being supported by the machine safely.

Using Shoulder Exercise Equipment in the Gym or at Home

As you can see, the top five shoulder exercise equipment pieces can be purchased easily for a home gym. But for the majority of us, you’ll find them in the gym.

When you put your shoulder exercise plan together make sure you include them so that you can target the whole shoulder with all its various muscles.

Give these a go and find the ones that work best for you.

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