Burn fat, lose weight , build muscle or gain definition. Whatever your goal, keep in mind that exercising is beneficial from the first minute, but will take a bit of time to notice your gym results. Do you wish to know the exact time frame for when you will start to notice them?

This is not an exact science, but rest assured that improvement in your physical condition is guaranteed if you decide to go to the gym. The desire to know how long it will take to see the first positive results of the training is common. However nobody, regardless of experience, can guarantee deadlines that will be met one hundred percent.

Gym results

This is an important aspect to consider when developing your annual gym plan to base your workouts around. It is not easy to determine exact times, but the experts assure that someone who starts workouts in the gym will begin to see the results of their past workouts between 4 and 8 weeks . Of course, they are approximate figures because a multitude of nuances must be taken into account.

There are several reasons why you may not be seeing the results of your efforts in the gym. The body of each person responds in a certain way to exercise and you must know how yours will react to it. This will help you to avoid being discouraged by believing that your effort is not bearing the expected results. This is the same for home gym results as well, so it is important to keep motivated and focused.

What factors determine the gym results of your workouts?

Gym results

The starting point, that is, the physical condition you have at the moment you begin, will help you determine how much time you need for the results of the training to become evident. It does not hurt to know your Body Mass Index (BMI, the ratio between weight and height) because if you are overweight it can delay expected results. This is because your body must first eliminate the excess kilos before you notice good results at the level of muscle toning.

As a general rule, an obese person or one who leads a relatively inactive life will take longer to see their fitness progress than someone who is in good shape. The one who starts from an adequate weight and who usually does some exercise has the advantage of being able to work towards muscle growth instantly. Moderate increasing effort progressively depending on your fitness levels, as well as how your body pulls up from sessions.

The other determining factor is the type of workouts you do and the time you spend on them. You must remember that planning correctly and personalizing the exercise routine is essential to achieve  the results of the workouts as soon as possible. To be able to see the results in the expected time frame of 4-6 weeks, between 2 and 3 weekly sessions of at least 40 minutes in duration will be necessary.

It is also important to not that different exercises may take a different amount of time before the results are shown. The time for jawline exercise results may differ to the butt exercises result due to a variety of things like the size of the muscle, the exercises that can be done and the weight that can be used.

Gym results aligned to your gym goals

Wanting to see your gym results as soon as possible is what every wants, but if they dont relate to your gym goals then they serve no purpose. You may be suprised that this even needs to be said, but too often people lose sight of their goal when thinking about results.

Someone who went to the gym to improve their cardio fitness should not be focused on how much weight they can perform a bench press with. Likewise, a person focused on building their biceps should not be looking for results in their squats. Decide on your goal in the gym and focus on results relating to that.

Another thing that can assist your ability to see results is to set  time frames for your goals and do self-testing of your progess before and after. The best way of tracking fitness progress is to set intervals in the year that you would like a certain goal to be achieved, and to test your progress between the start and end of the interval.

For example, if you want to test your 2 month gym progress in pull ups, you would test yourself at the start of the 2 months, and then at the end after you have done weeks of work to improve it. You will quickly notice how much more you able to achieve compared to before, which will be the best indication of gym results towards that goal.

How to get better gym results in less time

Gym results

When it comes to achieving optimal fitness, rushing is not good. Consistency is the key to achieving the gym goals you have set for yourself. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and improve your general fitness, after a month or more at a good pace, you should be able to see the first results.

Even if they are not as spectacular as you would like, be proud of what you have achieved and remain focused towards doing better. If you want to build muscle in a healthy way and gain strength, the estimated time to see the transformation you expect is around 3 months.

It must be emphasized that each person must follow their own pace to notice the results of the training, but there are two factors that can help you achieve better results in less time: a good training method and a suitable diet.

Planning the sessions to obtain maximum effectiveness in each training, taking into account the most appropriate exercises, repetitions or the extra weight that you may need to work your muscles thoroughly. The idea is to build on progress made in each session by making small changes to weight, exercises and repetitons performed. Doing this for a few weeks over the course of a 3 month interval period in your plan will yield great results.

Likewise, follow a diet that helps you in your efforts to see results. Making sure your body has the energy and resources to perform at its best level in sessions will make the difference between big and small improvements. This also relates to ensuring proper protein intake for muscle repairs in between workouts, since a quicker recovery will lead to better efforts you can achieve.


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