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5 tips for getting back into working out

After taking an extended break from exercise in general, getting back into working out can be much more difficult than it seems. When you lose that motivation and habit of going to the gym every week, a lot of excuses appear in your head when you try to return. Is this the case and you need help motivating yourself to prepare for your return to training? Luckily for you, we are going to review a series of tips to return to the gym and defeat the feeling of procrastination.

getting back into working out

The main tricks for getting back into working out

Returning to the gym after the summer break or a period of inactivity is not easy for anyone. However, there are some tricks that help you get back to the gym with a lot of motivation. Don’t feel discouraged when you first get into the swing of things again. Give each of these tips a try to help you return to fitness and reach your goals. Even if you have never been to the gym we have some tips to help you as well.

1. Come back little by little

getting back into working out

We cannot go back where we left off before, but it must be a progressive return. First of all, we have to regain our capacities and generate the habit again of going to the gym regularly. During the first days back, you should avoid excessive efforts that will only lead to frustration.

This is because we are not at the level we had when we left and the typical stiffness resulted of inactivity can lead to potential injury. Another issue that can come up is the delayed soreness (or doms) that can linger for a few days after your sessions. That is why it is important to pace yourself and give your body that extra recovery day that it may need when you start again. You have to start softly and gradually increase the intensity and frequency of the sessions.

2. Do something that amuses you

Luckily, going to the gym no longer means spending a long time lifting weights on machines or dumbbells. The gym you go to likely has a wide range of activities: Pilates, core, GAP, body balance, HIIT, rumba, spinning, boxing, TRX, yoga, body pump, body combat. You will often find a lot of people in a similar position to you which can help spur you on to join in and improve your health.

Directed classes are an excellent alternative to training with machines or dumbbells, and you have the help of the monitors, who will indicate the exercises you should do. Easing back into the gym can be difficult when you can’t remember what to do, so these activities can help you with the transition process.

3. Don’t always do the same

It is one thing to introduce training into your daily routine again, but if you aim to return to the gym then you should have a variety of sessions. If you always repeat the same exercises, the day will come when you will dread going to the gym, and the training will no longer have an effect on you.

We must change the routines and exercises that we do in the gym so that the gym can stay fresh while building up strength again. A broad example of this would be to combine bodybuilding sessions with directed classes or cardio. The benefit of this is that each training day is a new adventure that motivates us to continue training regularly.

4. Find an ally

Training with someone is always more fun than doing it alone, especially to help in the initial return stage. Having someone join you in training can be a great way to motivate yourself so that getting back into working out is not torture. If you know someone who goes to the gym, you can join and plan to go to the gym at the same times.

If you know someone who is in the same situation, who wants to go back to the gym but can’t quite decide on going, you already have company. Working out with a friend is the perfect way to ignite your interest in the gym again, so motivate each other to get started. Going to the gym with someone can be the ideal stimulus to attend regularly, particularly when you are both trying to get fit again.

5. Take advantage of advice at the gym

A fairly common mistake is to train on our own without knowledge, or from training plans and routines that we find on the internet. However, in the gym you will find professionals such as personal trainers who will indicate the routine that best suits your characteristics and your goal. The PT gym programs are often great at taking into account your starting level as you look to get active again. It is also interesting to have the advice of a nutritionist, since as important as training regularly is eating correctly and healthy.

As you can see, getting back into the gym workout routine after a long period without training does not have to be a thorny path. The key is to have the willpower necessary to put your shoes back on and incorporate visits to the gym into your day-to-day life. Remember that you cannot expect miracles, but the results will take a few weeks to notice. Of course, as they appear the motivation will increase which will help you as you are getting back into working out.