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Getting Back into Working Out Doesn’t Need to be Hard

How do you start working out again? Make sure you set yourself up for success with these 5 ideas for you to get back into fitness.
getting back into working out

After taking an extended break from exercise getting back into working out doesn’t have to be hard. If you have made the decision you can set yourself up for success. With a little bit of forethought and strategy you can create new habits.

It’s normal for some people to allow excuses or challenges to derail their exercise plans. You don’t want to be one of them. It’s possible you lost that previous motivation and routine of going to the gym every week. It happens. But now you need to be intentional about not falling into the same trap as you return to the gym.

The main tricks for getting back into working out

Getting back to the gym after the summer break or a period of inactivity is not always easy. But there are some ideas that help you get back to the gym with motivation and anticipation. Don’t feel discouraged when you first get into the swing of things again. Give each of these tips a try to help you return to fitness and reach your goals. Even if you have never been to the gym we have some tips to help you as well.

1. Come back little by little

There is often the temptation to ‘jump all in’ with a renewed decision of getting back into working out. One day you’re lounging on the couch, the next you’re trying to do a one hour class of high-intensity or lift 300 pounds. Some start out strong, going to the gym every dingle day or signing up for every class. Until the stop going again.

Instead of having unrealistic expectations of yourself, start with small commitments. A major factor for creating new habits is having reachable goals and completing them. Each time you actually fulfil your commitment your brain associates it with success. It is a building block to long-term progress.

The return to the gym must be progressive, not like a rocket that launches and crashes. Come back little by little, getting small wins along the way. With each week that goes by you regain your strength and your body starts to change. You don’t want to risk that by excessive effort that can injure or deplete your enthusiasm.

Another issue that can come up is the delayed soreness (or doms) that can linger for a few days after your sessions. That is why it is important to pace yourself. Give your body that extra recovery day that it may need when you start again. As your. new habit is being reinforced successfully you can increase the intensity and frequency of sessions.

getting back into working out

2. Do something that is fun

Luckily, going to the gym no longer means only spending a long time lifting weights. Most gyms are likely to have a wide range of activities to engage in such as:

  • pilates
  • core
  • GAP
  • body balance
  • HIIT
  • rumba
  • spinning
  • boxing
  • TRX
  • yoga
  • body pump
  • body combat

Directed classes are an excellent alternative to training with machines or dumbbells. Easing back into the gym can be challenging if you’re feeling daunted or unsure, but don’t let that stop you. Try some alternatives that get you around others that can help and make it fun.

3. Don’t just do the old familiar things

On your return to the gym don’t fall into old patterns. As part of your planning and getting back into working out it’s wise to mix up your activities. Don’t always repeat the same exercises. It’s not good for your body or your brain.

If you only had a weights program last time try something new like a spinning class. Challenge your body and your comfort zone. Remember what caused you to stop last time and do everything you can to avoid that by keeping your routine fresh.

4. Find an ally

Training with someone is always more fun than doing it alone. As you’re getting back into working out having someone join you in training can be a great motivation. If you know someone who goes to the gym, you can join and plan to go to the gym at the same times. You can create some kind of accountability with each other that keeps you focused.

If you know someone who is in the same situation, who wants to go back to the gym but can’t quite decide on going, you already have company. What a perfect opportunity to set you both up for new healthy habits.

getting back into working out

5. Take advantage of advice at the gym

A logical way to create successful plans is to talk to someone with knowledge and experience. At the gym you’ll find personal trainers that will help. You can either sit with them to make plans and then you follow it, or you work with them. They will help you progress towards your goals in a safe way with measurable outcomes. The PT gym programs are often great at taking into account your starting level as you look to get active again.

You might also consider getting the advice of a nutritionist. Having a holistic plan to your goals should include your food intake and personal health. A nutritionalist will help guide you through different phases and meal plan options.

Getting back into working out doesn’t have to be hard

As you can see, getting back into the gym workout routine doesn’t have to be hard. The key is set yourself up for success with some simple planning and motivation as you progress.

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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