The Benefits of Using the Best Shoulder Machines

Best Shoulder Machines

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What are the benefits of using the best shoulder machines at the gym? You can get great results for your shoulders and we give you 9 reasons why.

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Shoulder workouts are a core part of most fitness workouts and that’s why some of the best shoulder machines are now commonly found, even in home gyms.

Think of how often your shoulders are used in the effort of lifting. Not having strong shoulders can lead to all sorts of problems.

So, if you have decided to start getting serious about strengthening your shoulders, then you should know some of the best shoulder exercise equipment you can use in the gym or at home.

In our shoulder series of articles we have talked about the actual shoulder machines to look at, but here we want to show to you the benefits. Why should you use them? Here’s what we found.

Why Using The Best Shoulder Machines Works

Especially for beginners, shoulder training can turn out to be the most complex.

Shoulders have such a wide range of motion, so it is important to build strength in the rotator cuffs and the deltoid muscles (anterior, middle and posterior). All of these things play a role when you lift something heavy or throw something, like a ball.

The training of the shoulders should be done in conjunction with the training of the surrounding muscles that support it. One of the major examples of this would be the back with the deltoids.

Using the shoulder machines is going to help you isolate the deltoid muscles and get a more targeted workout.

The deltoid has three heads so this specificity is an excellent advantage to improving them.

Best Shoulder Machine demonstrated by a guy at the gym

The back also needs to be trained and strengthened as it works with and supports the shoulder in almost all of its movements. Machines that train the back and shoulders at the same time can be greatly beneficial to use.

The best gym machines for shoulders focus on specific exercises to get increased power and volume, as well as definition. Using them will allow you to progressively increase your effort, safely controlling at all times the resistance your shoulders have to face for them to develop properly.

What Shoulder Exercise Equipment Works Best?

While there are many options for shoulder development, a shoulder workout gym machine is the best when it comes to controlled and focused movements.

When your muscles fatigue with dumbbells the form of the action can get sloppy which can cause strain.

Shoulder Exercise Equipment, Best Shoulder Machines, This guy is working his whole shoulder muscles.

This is where machines have value because they will generally keep the exercise in the position that gets the most from the muscles.

In a previous article, you can see the best shoulder exercise equipment at the gym. We take you through the top five pieces of equipment that get results for gym and home use. Now, see why it’s so good for you to use.

The Best Shoulder Machines Have These Benefits

We’ve discovered that there are quite a number of benefits of using machines for your shoulder workout. There is often the debate over free weights verses machines but we’re not picking sides. In fact, you should use both.

But the advantages of the shoulder machines can’t be ignored. They are:

  • The press is a complete exercise, which affects all three areas of the deltoid and also helps to strengthen the trapezius.
  • Cable machines provide tension at a constant level while you’re moving the weight. This tension is what helps muscle growth and increased strength by bringing the muscle to fatigue faster.
  • Machines can provide a more fluid and smooth movement.
  • Shoulder machines put less stress on your joints, so there is less risk of injury.
  • Using a peck deck can be a great way to increase pec muscle hypertrophy.
 cable machines for shoulder exercises
  • Machines are a great way to build strength and bulk by targeting specific muscles.
  • The rowing machine is a whole-body workout that strengthens your arms, legs and core while increasing cardio capacity.
  • Machines are a low-impact way of exercising, so it’s good for all levels of fitness, whether at home or at the gym.
  • Using something like a Smith Machine means you don’t need a spotter because the equipment helps with stabilisation.
This woman is doing a shoulder workout

If you’re unsure how to use the machines the best way, always ask the professionals at the gym. They can guide you on the correct form and usage of all the equipment.

Make sure you get the most out of everything with your equipment and gear. This is the best way for you to get overall great results.

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