The Strict Press: Why WeightLifters Love This Effective Exercise

strict press

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The strict press is an incredible exercise that gets great results. Learn all about it and the benefits.

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If you want to have strong shoulders that look great then you need to start doing the strict press.

Everyone wants to get improve their shoulder strength and definition in the gym but they keep using exercises that are only partially effective. Sometimes to get the best results you need to break out of the usual routine. Think outside the box and challenge your muscles in a more specific way.

While there are some great shoulder workout routines you can follow for consistently good results, weightlifters are always adapting. They have discovered some of the best exercises to do and that knowledge will help you too.

What Is A Strict Press?

The strict press is another name that can be used for the barbell shoulder press.

It is always performed with a barbell in a standing position, which is why it is important to ensure that you maintain the correct form while doing it. Remember, it is quality over quantity for the best results.

There are other variations of barbell shoulder press exercises, like the push press and push jerk, that differ from the strict press once you become advanced.

The following video is a perfect demonstration of the strict press (or shoulder press) and the important steps for good form.

Credit for the video: CrossFit

The difference between the strict press and the push press is that the push press utilizes momentum in the movement. This helps the weight reach the top of the motion.

That is why it is important that the posture you use for the strict press is correct.

It is also important that you practice without weights first. Slowly ease into more weight, instead of trying to do too much too quickly.

Why You Should Include the Strict Press In Your Workout

There are a lot of great benefits with the Strict Press if you take the time to do it well.

Weightlifters use this to help them work with more weight. It is part of their overall workout strategy.

Demonstrating a strict press

One benefit is that it can help to work out and grow other muscles involved in the action.

The Strict Press action is going to fully engage the upper back and triceps as you focus on the movement. You can achieve better shoulder mobility and increase the strength of your deltoids, which is what the weightlifters love to include in their workouts.

Your core strength will also be improved by the strict press. Because the complete motion involves holding the barbell overhead, you will use your core to stabilize the weight and prevent your back from arching.

The other benefit you will find is that it will help you to improve your bench press technique. The barbell shoulder press makes use of the same muscle groups from different angles, so you will see improvements in your bench press form.

Try The Shoulder Workout Routine WeightLifters Use Effectively

If you are looking to make a change to your shoulder workout to try something new – use the strict press now!

You will see that it will not only help to grow your shoulders but also help out with the other aspects of your gym life. There’ll be great muscle gains and strength with this focused action in the shoulders.

Challenges yourself to get better results with your shoulder workouts and get them looking incredible!

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