What is a spin class? Is it good for fitness?

spin class

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Spin biking is a cycling class that is a high aerobic activity. Discover how to combine your spin class with gym training for great fitness results.

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The spin class tends to be one of the most popular gym classes that people attend in the gym. Combining cardio, music and motivation makes indoor cycling a fun fitness activity.

But a spinning workout is a demanding activity. Preparing yourself is a good thing. Part of that might be getting some spinning shoes for the spin class. The grip and comfort can make a lot of difference to your enjoyment of the class.

Discovering more about spin class and how you can include it with regular gym training is only going to help you get better results.

What Is A Spin Class?

These are very intense sessions on an indoor stationary bike, combining cardio and endurance. It’s a high-intensity workout to music that usually goes for about 45 minutes.

spin class in a group

This type of exercise is a whole-body workout. Not only does it raise your heart rate but it also works on toning your legs and increasing their strength.

Can Beginners Do A Spin Class?

As with a lot of the classes at the gym you can choose your intensity level. So, even though the spin class is a group activity, you are very much in control of your bike.

It would be helpful for you if you first let the trainer know that you’re a beginner so they can help guide you through those first sessions.

Why Is A Spin Class So Hard?

A spin class is very challenging. You are engaging some of the largest muscles of the body at a high intensity so that means a lot of energy is being used.

High Intensity Spin Fitness

So, the challenge is the full class is a mental and physical test of endurance.

You’ll be pushing at a fast pace so your body will be working hard.

Plus, the trainer will be calling out all sorts of instructions to encourage you to push harder.

But, the good news is, that means you will burn a lot of calories in this type of class.

Is Spinning A Good Way To Lose Weight?

The high-intensity nature of a spin class makes it well-known as a weight loss option. You can lose overall fat from your body and improve your cardiovascular capacity so that your body becomes more efficient.

is a spinning class a good way to lose weight?

It’s true that you can lose belly fat but don’t think it’s going to happen overnight. There are options you can add to your fitness regime to achieve that goal.

As always, it should be noted, that weight loss is usually always related to your diet.

Any strenuous exercise you do should be talked over with your doctor and in conjunction with a healthy food plan.

How To Combine Spinning With Gym Workouts

Ideally, you should not limit your exercise program to aerobic activities. It is always better to complete the energetic cardio alongside some strength work throughout the week.

If you want to find the best way to combine your spinning sessions and a gym session, follow one of these two plans:

Combination of gym class and cycling

Creating A Fitness Plan That Alternates

This is the most common and intuitive method. If you plan to dedicate specific days to certain workouts, try a schedule like this:

  • Spin Biking: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Strength/Flexibility Sessions: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

It’s about alternating types of training to give the body enough time to recover.

You will have to listen to your body to see what works for you so you do not overtrain.

In other gym sessions, focus on targeted training that works a large muscle group and a smaller one.

Use a stationery bike for fitness

Be Smart With Your Planning

Pay special attention to the day you work your legs, they work the hardest in the spinning class.

You should leave your leg weight workout for the last session of the week so that you have a day of rest close by. But don’t take this as an excuse to skip leg day at the gym!

Train with light repetitions, between 12 and 15, without a great load of weight. A 50-minute workout with stretching will suffice most of the time. So your training intensity is not excessive, finish the set feeling you could do a little more. You want the muscles capable of enjoying your next spin class.

It is not a simple matter of comfort. If the muscles do not enjoy an adequate recovery period, the chances of injury skyrocket. This means that in the long run, we punish the muscles instead of improving their condition.

Follow-Up Sessions: Spin Class + Gym Workout

Doing a spin class is an aerobic activity that helps burn a lot of calories. It is also possible to combine their practice with specific muscle training in the other areas of the gym.

After your spinning session, your muscles are warm. You can take advantage of this to finish your workout with a few weights or other exercises.

Two important factors to keep in mind:

This option is more suitable for the advanced when a one-hour spin class does not use all their energy. In this instance, the body can squeeze a little more out of it.

Workout the whole body

Be honest with yourself. If your capacity is still not enough opt for another option.

Or you could try to take the spin class more calmly to be able to arrive at the strength training with some energy.

The second fact is you have to take special care the day you work the muscles of your legs after doing spinning.

You will not be able to lift the weights that you usually move when you are fresh. 

Adjust for this by using less weight or doing fewer reps. Make sure to use a foam roller after the sessions to aid your leg recovery.

Instead of looking to do weights after the spin class look to do core exercises. Things like:

  • pilates
  • plank variations
  • roll-ups
  • bicycle legs
  • pike with a ball
  • double leg raises and scissors

Do not spend more than 30 or 40 minutes on these sessions, which are a complement to the spin biking session.

The good thing about working like this is that your body will have a longer recovery period, so the intensity can be a bit higher.

Outdoor Exercise Tips

This is also a good option if you don’t have the time to go to the gym multiple days in a week.

Can You Do a Spin Class at Home Successfully?

The simple answer is, yes!

You can get your own stationary spin exercise bike for home, something like the one we show here. This one has over 3600 reviews so you can go and check it out.

It’s a foldable indoor option that is completely adjustable.

at home gym, stationary spin exercise bike

People love the fact that it supports you, even if you are a heavier person.

It’s a great option if you can’t always get to the gym but want to include this type of cardio exercise.

Remember to add some diversity to your workouts. Spin Class is fantastic, especially when you combine it with your regular gym workouts or other exercise options.

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