How to Choose the Best Weight Gain Supplements

Weight Gain Supplements

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When you want to build muscle, gain weight and give your body extra nutrients it's time to think about weight gain supplements. It could be your secret weapon for your fitness goals. Here are 4 proven ones to try.

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There isn’t a lot of diversity when it comes to weight gain supplements. This can be a positive thing because it makes some of the decision-making easier.

Some methods of weight gain have health implications, so it’s good to do a bit of research before buying.

Weight gain supplements can be a great help in reaching your goal however, they are not for everyone. There is a lot of debate about supplement use, but it seems most experts and dieticians agree. They say they are fine when included in support of a nutritious diet and exercise.

What is the Purpose of Weight Gain Supplements?

Weight gain supplements are also known as mass gainers. These mass gainers are high-calorie items with a high carbohydrate and protein content.

When used in support of a nutritious diet, these items can help you gain weight and muscles. Think of it as extra calories on top of your everyday diet.

Often those extra calories can add as much as 500 to 1000 extra calories. Which, potentially, could turn into fat. It would be best if you didn’t substitute it for real food.

weighing yourself on the scales

Depending on the source, 27–50 grams of protein are sufficient to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Even 27 grams of protein is plenty if your mass gainer contains whey protein.

Most weight gainers contain significantly more protein. Whey is often the most frequent source of a mass gainer protein.

mix your protein supplements

Maltodextrin is used as a carbohydrate source, which is excellent for muscle growth. It is easy to digest and absorb. Plus, it’s the ideal type of carb for increasing muscle glycogen, which helps speed up muscular development.

It may help you to know that maltodextrin is an essential starch made from maize. Like white rice, only it comes in powder form. An easy form to blend into a drink, consume in significant quantities, and digest.

Benefits of Weight Gain Supplements

There are a few benefits to highlight:

  1. With high-intensity workouts or weight training you are going to burn calories. When your goal is to build muscles and gain weight, using weight gain supplements can help.
  2. Some people have found that they help the body recover better after heavy sessions.
  3. Weight gain supplements can help sustain you. It can reduce your appetite so you don’t have to snack on junk food.
  4. In some instances you can use weight gain supplements as a meal replacement so they are good on the go.
weight lifting for muscle gain

Best Weight Gain Supplements

1. Protein

Protein is the most essential component in gaining a healthy weight. It is the building block of muscle and strength growth. Without it, the majority of extra calories may be retained as body fat. Some studies have shown, a high-protein diet allows for converting a large portion of surplus calories into muscle.

Whey protein is a popular form used in weight gain supplements. One definition describes it as ‘a powdered form of protein taken from whey, which is the liquid left over when cheese is made from cow’s milk’.

This Optimum Nutrition Gold is a popular one on Amazon. It has over 121,000 ratings and comes in several flavors.

whey protein

High doses do have some potential side effects like acne or headaches but it is a quality source of protein. Add it wisely to a balanced diet.

2. Creatine

In your muscle cells there is a substance called creatine. Your body uses it to produce energy.

Creatine supplementation may increase total body weight.

It could be that this is due to muscular water retention rather than increased muscle or fat mass.

But creatine helps the muscles to more work which helps with long-term muscle growth.

creatine for after working out

Also, Creatine helps with muscle repair and raised hormone levels. Some studies show it helps retain water in your muscle cells, which helps with its growth.

3. Weight Gain Pills

Anabolic steroids are included in prescription weight gain pills. These may help if you have lost a large amount of weight and are underweight. Your doctor may recommend steroid medicine.

These have had a tainted reputation because of illegal use by some sports. They used them to aid performance, bulk up and improve their skill.

But inappropriate anabolic steroid usage carries several health hazards. So, it is critical that you only take these medications under the supervision of a physician.

weight gain pills

However, there are some wholistic supplements in pill form that will help you if you want an alternative to powder.

4. Weight Gain Shakes

You can also gain weight via liquid calories such as protein drinks and smoothies. They contain a concentrated dose of nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and vitamins and minerals.

Weight gain shakes can be easily consumed without making you feel bloated. I recommend using Naked Mass.

It contains branch chain amino acids and essential proteins that you need for muscle building. It has no artificial sweeteners or colors and is GMO, soy, and gluten-free.

vanilla shakes after exercise

The best time to consume weight gain shakes is very soon after your workout. It is when your body can get the most benefit using the metabolism.

How Do You Choose The Best Weight Gain Supplement?

It’s hard to give a one answer fits all. It always depends. Micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibre are typically lacking in weight gain supplements. But, if you substituted all of your meals with weight gainers, your diet would be inadequate.

However, if you already consume a well-balanced diet and then add a mass gainer drink, there should be no problem. So, you could try out a vitamin supplement if you’re having trouble reaching your daily needs.

Just make sure you are adding muscle rather than fat. Whether you gain or lose weight is determined by the number of calories you consume and burn. You will gain weight if you consume more calories than you burn, it’s as simple as that.

weight gain supplements turned into a recipe

It could come down to how you take the weight gain supplement. Is it in a shake form? A pill? Powder form added to fruit juice? It is your preference that will make the difference for how long you can sustain it as a habit.

Additionally, one extra tip that might help you track its success for you. Take notes of how you feel after you’ve ingested the supplement. Do it over consecutive days, don’t just rely on your memory. You’ll be able to adjust quickly to make sure it is working for you.

Whole foods are a vital element of eating a good, nutritious diet.

So, the majority of your calories should come from whole food. The less human interference the better. That’s the best plan but sometimes easier said than done.

Choosing the best weight gain supplement is going to come down to your research, preferences, taste and physical results. It really is an interactive process with your health and wellness.

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