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Best Workout Pants for Men that Love to Look Good

Our top 5 of the best workout pants for men in 2022. You want your gym clothes to be functional and look great, and there's some great options for you to look at.
best workout pants for men

Fitness is a concept that should be in everyone’s life. Whether it’s running, group exercises or weight training, regular exercise is very important. You want to not only push yourself to your limits, but also optimize anything that impacts performance. Plus, you want a good environment and area for working out and the gear to suit.

This includes the clothing you wear while you work out. The clothes you wear must be comfortable, flexible, and supportive. You need them good enough to help you perform at your best. That is why today we will be looking at the best workout pants for men. This includes athletic sweatpants, gym trousers, and flexible shorts. You need to take into account comfort, flexibility, looseness, and value.

Best Budget Fitness Sweatpants

Champion Men’s Lightweight Jersey Jogger

This pair of pants is perfect when you are looking for a cheap, comfy, and basic solution. These gym trousers are very lightweight. They get rid of excess weight when doing any sort of exercise. It comes in all different sizes and colors, and it looks good when working out.

These joggers are durable and stretchy, with a comfortable elastic waistband. Perfect for all exercises, including resistance exercises like squats, lunges, and leg presses. With over 20,000 global reviews these men’s everyday cotton joggers are a winner. They are nice to wear not only at the gym but also around the house, during a jog, and they are even decent for sleeping in.

Best Bulk Order Value For Mens Athletic Pants

Real Essentials 3 Pack: Men’s Tech Mesh Athletic Sweatpants

Get 3 pairs of sweatpants for a great price! You’ll discover variety in these packs so you can choose the color and style you like. The best part about is they cost less than 2 individual pairs of pants.

They are 100% polyester, very relaxed and soft. A thinner style pant made with ultra-soft mesh fabric. Constructed with two deep side pockets and a drawstring waistband. In the reviews you can see that the majority of customers love them for their fit and comfort. Some find these pants feel too light, but then say nice to sleep in, or wear around the house. For all these benefits, it falls under the best workout pants for men.

Best Athletic Gym Shorts

DEVOPS Men’s 2-Pack Loose-Fit 10″ Workout Gym Shorts

Gym shorts are the must-have staple item for men. When can’t you wear them? They are great for outdoor sports, running or in the gym, these relaxed fit style are the ultimate in comfort. And here you’re getting a 2-pack which means big savings.

Loose, breathable shorts that are super comfortable and thin. Great for working out in the gym or running. But also fantastic for playing sports like basketball, soccer, and tennis.

Made of a quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your legs dry even on the hottest days. Reviewers claim that they are long, loose, and good-looking. They come in basic and mesh types, and a variety of colors and sizes, so that you can get the style that you like best. They even have UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection to make sure that your thighs are well protected from harmful UV rays.

Best Premium Workout Pants For Men

G Gradual Men’s Athletic Track Sweatpants

We count this pair of pants is one of the best workout pants for men that you can get. A lot of people rave that these are one of the most comfortable sweatpants on the market. Made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, making the material smooth and stretchy. Plus it’s deep side pockets and back pocket are great for the men who carry their phone and cards.

With over 2770 reviews, these sweatpants are so comfortable shoppers go back for more. They are perfect for the gym, and they are relaxing when going for walks or chilling at home. They also feel that the material is not like normal sweatpants but more stretchy nylon and soft. Worth adding to your wardrobe.

Best Overall Athletic Fitness Pants

MAGNIVIT Men’s Lightweight Sweatpants

This pair of sweatpants is the best overall on this list. Very affordable, this mesh style material is breathable and soft, great for workouts. Lightweight and quick-dry, they are a good all-weather athletic pant.

Some customers comment that these mens athletic pants are quite long, so if you are taller than most, this pair may be for you. But with over 5400 reviews they are very popular lightweight sweatpants.

There are deep side pockets for your hands, keys, phone, or earbuds. They are comfortable for resistance training, jogging, sprinting, or playing sports. They are supportive and can definitely work well for a wide range of men.


The clothing you put on for working out can impact your exercise performance and results. It is important to choose the right pants, shirt, and shoes for your training. We designed this guide to help you in choosing what works for you out of this list of the best workout pants for men.

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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