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Best machines for ab workouts in the gym

There are quite a few great machines for ab workouts at the gym. We've put together a few that are on common rotation for many gym plans.
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If your goal is to achieve that dream 6 pack then have a look at the best machines for ab workouts in the gym. These will help to strengthen and tone the different muscles that are part of the abdomen. By including them in your routine, you can perform a greater variety of exercises and with less effort, which leads to the most effective results.

There are a lot of ab machine stations in the gym that aid in getting all the muscles in the area to work with maximum efficiency. Upper, lower, and oblique abs require intense exercise to gain strength and firmness, and machines certainly make the job easier. From the classic abdominal bench to innovative devices designed to target specific muscles, all of this equipment in the gym can help you have effective ab workouts.

While it is great to use these machines to improve the definition of your abs, it is not the only thing required for results from your ab workouts. To actually see the impact of your efforts, you will need to pair it with cardio exercises, which help eliminate the fat that can cover the muscles. Remember it is also important to accompany this work with proper stretching for the abs.

The best machines for ab workouts at the gym

If you have decided to start defining and strengthening your abs you will find accessories and machines that will surprise you for their effectiveness and quick results. You can use them to practice both dynamic exercises, which involve movement, and isometric exercises, which involve holding the posture.

Training with the ab workout equipment requires perseverance (they don’t work miracles) and watching your posture (contracted abdomen and glutes). While some of the options are hard to classify as machines, their effectiveness of exercises cannot be ignored. Some of the best equipment you can use to have the most effective ab workouts in the gym are:

Abdominal bench

One of these are present in almost every gym and with it you can perform different exercises to achieve a strong and defined abdomen. The abdominal bench is just a variation of an incline bench that has a padded roller attachment near the position your feet would normally be. Each gym may have a version that looks different, but if it allows you to do your ab exercises then it works. Ideally it will be set up in a declined position but it can work inclined as well.

This will allow you to do two great varieties of sit-ups: holding the legs on the rollers and raising the trunk, or, in the opposite position, holding the rollers with both hands and raising the legs. You can also perform other exercises with weight on the bench like medicine ball twists, which will help you target the other areas of the abdomen. It should be up to about a 45º angle for the best results. Hard to do but very effective!

Abdominal Crunch Machine

It is one of the most sought after machine among those who want to tone and define their abdomen. If you have seen a machine that looks like someone trying to curl into a ball, then you are at the right one. It may look funny when you first see the machine, but the results of the ab workouts you can achieve with it are second to none

You will sit with your feet placed behind the rollers and hold the handles above your head with both hands. The abdominal crunch consists of bending the trunk forward, overcoming the resistance presented by the weight you sit on the machine. You can work at a fast pace or you can focus on slow movements, even holding the flexion posture for a few seconds. This crunch machine is the go to option for ab workouts with weights.

Torso rotation machine

If you are looking to strengthen the oblique abs, you will not find many machines better then this one. This ab workout machine will usually be the one that allows you to be on your knees as you rotate your torso. In any case, it is about rotating the trunk to the right and left, keeping the abdomen contracted and slightly forward. The most important element of this exercise is making sure you maintain control through your core during the whole rotation.

Start with a lower weight to get an understanding of the movement before you gradually increase the resistance. If you want to a really great workout from this machine, you can slow the action down and hold it at the top of the rotation for maximum results. With this movement, the progressive strengthening of the obliques in your ab workouts is assured.

Cable machine

The cable weight machine is generally the most versatile machine that you can use in the gym, capable of working almost every muscle group. The pulley system of the machine is perfect for varying your exercises and working the muscles from different angles.

The pulley focuses the effort in the middle area while also allowing you to work with weight to achieve greater effectiveness. Plank cable rows, cable tuck crunches and cable side bends are just some of the exercises that you can perform with the cable machine. Cable ab workouts have some of the best results you could ask for to get that 6 pack of your dreams.

Ab wheel

It is not exactly a machine, but this simple equipment provides a lot of effective workouts to strengthen the abdomen in the gym or in your own home. It is precisely that, a roller for doing crunches with two side handles. You will need to learn the proper technique for using this gym equipment, as it will not be effective it you are not doing it right.

From the initial opposition, leaning on your knees, hold the wheel and rotate it slowly forward as your abdomen approaches the ground, without actually touching it. After a few seconds, return to the starting position. Practice makes perfect for this exercise, because you need to ensure that you control the movement with your abdomen rather than your arms and legs. Once you learn the form required for it, the ab roller workout will result in rock-solid abs in a few weeks.

ab workouts

With this wide variety of machines to do ab workouts you are able to engage your body with different, challenging and metabolism activating exercises. Though many try and fail to do spot-reduction of fat around the abs (we know that this is not possible) if you incorporate a variety into your fitness plan you’ll be well on your way to a much improved abdominal.

Healthy Gym Tips

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