Spinning classes are a lot of fun to include in your fitness and health training but you do need to consider some good quality footwear to make the experience as beneficial as possible. Getting your shoes right is important so that you can train comfortably and safely for the best results. Below is a list of what you should look for when purchasing your spinning shoes.

spinning shoes

Having appropriate equipment for each activity is one of the keys to exercise success, and if we talk about footwear, it is simply essential. Spinning shoes are the link between your foot and the pedal. With them, you support and push, transmitting all the energy you use to pedal. If they are not the right ones, you will be uncomfortable on the bike and you will perform less in each spinning session.

The best spinning shoes are those that you hardly notice because they adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot, allowing you to pedal evenly and at your own pace. The material from which they are made, the stiffness of the sole or its resistance and durability are some aspects that you should consider before buying your spinning shoes.

What to take into account when buying good spinning shoes?

Investing in the best spinning shoes for indoor cycling, which do not have to be too expensive, will help you train comfortably and safely, preventing possible injuries. Before deciding on the best spinning shoes, keep these tips in mind:

1. The stiffness of the sole

Specific footwear for the practice of spinning requires a rigid or semi-rigid sole that allows firm and powerful pedaling without your foot flexing. The sole cannot be bent if you want the best support on the pedal. If you have never tried to train on the spinning bike with shoes exclusively for this sport, when you use them for the first time, you will notice the difference immediately.

2. Non-slip spinning shoes

There are many models of spinning shoes. The most recommended are spinning shoes with cleats which are those small rubber studs, being very similar to those used on mountain biking. If you prefer the shoes without them, make sure that the sole is absolutely non-slip, in order to have a better grip on the pedal and also to avoid unexpected slips that can ruin your momentum.

3. Flexible and breathable fabric

spinning shoes

While the sole should be rigid, the upper part of the shoe must adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot, giving you optimal support without tightening and providing correct ventilation. Make sure you get the correct size for your foot. The shoes should be perfect (neither big nor small) with a separation between the tip and the toes of your feet that oscillates between 1 and 2 centimeters.

4. Adjustable and secure closure

This is one of the basic details in spinning shoes. For safety, discard those that are closed by laces that could become entangled in the pedals and opt for a consistent Velcro closure (that does not come off after the second session) or, better yet, for those that incorporate micrometric closures for a perfect adjustment.

5. Extra details

Footwear in general and sports footwear in particular should always adapt to your own needs and way of training. When choosing the best spin shoes, look at what may be important to you. Maybe you train almost daily, in which case you are interested in investing in ones with a reinforced toe and heel, or maybe you use cleats when you spin and your shoes should allow this option. If you also like mountain biking, look for ones that can be used for both activities.


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