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6 Tips for How to Get in Shape Outside the Gym

There are many day-to-day options that will help us get in shape. We have alternatives to the gym that will help you get fit and achieve the body you want.
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When most people think it’s time to get in shape their mind goes to a gym. It’s easy to think that way, you’re told all the time in magazines how many fit people achieved it in the gym. But there is something to be said for some good old basic alternative ideas.

While the gym definitely has many benefits it is not the only method to get that result. In fact, often the best way to get in shape if you have limited time is to utilise things outside of the gym.

You could be thinking this sounds coming from a site focused on gym tips. But in truth our overarching goal is that you live and long, strong and healthy life. The gym is only one option that is available to you to do that.

You don’t have to touch any weights or step in the gym to improve your physical condition. People looking for ideas such as the best fat burning exercises often find that outdoors with little to no equipment is as good. There are many day-to-day ideas that will help us get in shape, and we have 6 alternatives to the gym for you to consider.

Get in shape outside of the gym

1. Take advantage of green spaces

What is around you where you live or work? Are there green spaces or tracks you can use?

There should be something you can access whether it’s a park or open grass area. It’s possible you live near the beach or a river and there is a great track. Or, there’s somewhere close that has a lot of stairs you can run up and down.

Regardless of whether you live in the city or suburbs most places have some sort of green space for the public. A park is the perfect place to do some training. Not only do you get the fresh air but all the goodness from nature like Vitamin D from the sun. There is something very stimulating about open, green space – it’s a great stress reliever.

A lot of exercises are good outdoors like:

  • HIIT training
  • running groups
  • calisthenics
  • battle ropes
  • sports
  • and other outdoor group workouts that can let you workout with friends.

If you are lucky, the park may also have outdoor gym equipment that will help you get in shape.

get in shape

2. Exercise in your day to day tasks

Think about the machines and equipment used in the gym, and what they mimic outside of the gym. Some like to use stair machines for a cardio workout but take elevators over stairs every time. This little change could go a long way to improve your heart health. Not to mention your legs. Changing physical habits can help you stimulate your body through the whole day.

Instead of going to a spin class, go for a bike ride in the fresh air. Try sitting on an exercise ball instead of sitting on a chair at your desk. They are fabulous for helping you work your core muscles without having to think too hard about it.

When you’re picking up things, bend at your knees and do a few squats before you life. Or, set a timer on your phone so that every hour you get up, stretch and do some workout movement. These small things throughout the day can add to your cardio for weight loss and your goal to get in shape.

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3. A healthy and balanced diet

Two important factors when it comes to getting in shape are food and rest. There are so many diets and ideas floating around about what you should be eating. It’s too big a subject for us to go into detail here but some basics to consider are:

  • be aware of ingredients in the packets you buy
  • avoid processed white food like plain flour or cookies
  • try to cut back from too much sugar
  • consume leafy greens
  • eat lots of vegetables but know that some vegetables are high in carbohydrates
  • drink a good amount of water a day and think about adding some fresh lemon or ginger in it
  • regulate the timing of your meals.

We’ve put together a small list of professionals. They talk about healthy eating and how to get in shape in the way that suits your body.

You can complete your diet with supplements but do it with professional advice. Also, don’t forget to get enough rest so that the body can recover. Rest is crucial in allowing the body to adapt and grow to the exercises done.

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4. Jump in the water

Swim whenever you can, whether it be in the pool, beach or even a lake. Swimming is the most complete sport there is since it allows us to work all muscle groups. There are a variety of pool workouts that can rival workouts done in the gym.

The great part is you will have to work your breathing, which will lead to improving your cardiovascular capabilities. As if that were not enough, it is a non-harmful enjoyable activity that can help us recover from injuries. It is easy enough to get access to a place to swim, and it provides great variety to get in shape.

For those who are a bit braver you can try cold water swimming. A lot of people rave about how great they feel doing it and there is some science to back it up now. Some regulars have designed great thermals to help cope.

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5. Dance whenever you can

Another fun whole body activity is dancing. If you are a shy person and embarrassed to dance in public, you can do it at home, or where ever you feel comfortable. Dancing helps us use some level of coordination. It activates your heart rate and can help build up a sweat.

It is considered some of the best cardio for weight loss that also helps strengthen muscles. Dancing helps us to leave behind the stress of everyday life, it brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good.

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6. Walking is also doing sports

Walking is an underestimated but highly effective activity. If you walk to work, awesome, do it. Parking a bit further away from the station so you have to walk fast to get public transport helps. Even 20 minutes of walking will help with your overall health. It’s a fabulous workout for the whole body.

Walking in a natural environment instead of a treadmill is the ideal. To breathe fresh air and enjoy nature is good in so many ways and a balance that your body and mind will appreciate. Try hiking in a national park or walking the dog for a long period of time. It all helps.

You can even set targets for your days about how many steps you can do. A good target to aim for is walking 10000 steps a day. You can track this by using activity bracelets. Do not miss the opportunity to exercise a little and enjoy the outdoors.

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Get in shape your own way

The great thing about thinking outside the box when it comes to exercise is it’s often free or much cheaper. You can use everyday items to help you.

Lift items at home instead of weights. Do strength training with your own body weight. Access free online fitness trainers that help guide you for at-home workouts.

There is nothing to stop you doing whatever you can to get in shape your own way. So just do it.

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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