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Simple Strategies to Avoid Wrist Pain and Get Stronger

Developing stronger wrists is an essential part of your fitness goals. To lift heavier weights or just to prevent injury you want to avoid wrist pain and apply these tips.
avoid wrist pain

Wrist pain is a well known issue that can effect anyone at anytime. It can be mild or severe, depending on the cause and the length of time it’s been troubling. It is important not to ignore this type of pain and deal with it as soon as possible, ignoring this can lead to serious injury that takes time to recover from. This is why it is important and essential to prevent it, with exercises to improve mobility and build wrist strength. Keep reading!

Avoid wrist pain with these recommendations

It has become common for us to work a large number of parts of our body when we go to the gym, while forgetting about others. This is the case with wrists, as they are utilised in many exercises both in and out of the gym, however they are generally not worked on specifically. Therefore, it is good to take them into account to avoid suffering injuries that will take time to recover.

The fact is that some athletes can lose the ability to continue in the sport they love because of wrist pain that is ignored. It’s not only athletes of course, anyone can experience this. If we think about it, it is not surprising, since today, the use of computers or mobile phones has triggered a lot of the carpal tunnel injuries that are seen.

For these reasons, we have some wrist exercises that can build strength and enhance the flexibility of this vital part of the body. This will help you to avoid these uncomfortable injuries, which may require surgical intervention. Prevention is better than recovering from the injury, so take note of the following exercises to gain strength in your wrists:

avoid wrist pain

1. Stress ball

Surely you have seen them around somewhere, or even have one in your home. These are small balls that are used to squeeze and release accumulated stress. Well, in addition to helping us with our emotions, these balls also help us to strengthen our wrists. You can also find other types of hand exercise equipment that can be great at improving your wrist strength.

It is an exercise to improve wrist strength at home and is very simple to do throughout the day, and even whilst doing other things, such as talking on the phone or watching television. You essentially with just squeeze the ball as hard as you can for a few seconds, before resting and then repeating that action 10 – 20 times. You can also add wrist rotations into this activity to improve mobility at the same time. If you prefer, there are some objects in the shape of scissors that do the same function as the stress ball.

2. Use rice to avoid wrist pain

You may read this and become confused with what we are talking about. For this scenario we are not talking about using R.I.C.E for injury recovery, but instead we are talking about using actual rice as one of your wrist strength exercises at home. This may sound crazy, but this is one of those things where you need to try it before you write it off as ineffective.

It is a rather curious but very effective exercise, so we will explain what the exercise is and what it consists of. To do it, you only need a container full of raw rice, which you should have access to at home. When you have it ready, proceed to put your hand inside it, if you can fit both, you can put both hands at the same time. If not, start with one and then alternate as you do the exercise.

The secret is to perform movements in a circle and open and close the hands, so that we work on the pressure of the fingers. You can also move your fingers in various directions, etc. Performing this exercise will help your wrists get stronger. This rice method for wrist strength is used by many people at the gym to improve their grip strength.

3. Change your habits

This is not an exercise, but it is a fundamental task that we must all take into account if we want to prevent wrist injuries or any other type of injury. It consists of being aware of how we do things and trying to modify it. To explain using an example, if you are right-handed you perform all the tasks with your right hand, overloading it. Well, if you want to take care of your wrists, we advise you to change the operating hand from time to time.

We do not mean that you become ambidextrous overnight or that you write with your left hand. The idea is to realize that there are tasks that we can perform with both hands and adapting our habits, challenging our body in a different way, helps overall movement. This can range from lifting your shopping bag with your opposite hand, to alternating the weight bearing wrist in an exercise. This may seem like a small thing, but it can really add up over time to improve strength in both wrists to avoid annoying wrist pain later on.

4. Don’t forget to stretch

Stretching is a fundamental part of our exercise that should be done before and after our actions. In the same way that we stretch other parts of our body, it is good to stretch the wrists after exercise sessions or prolonged efforts that engage them, particularly things involving weight bearing. In this way, we will have flexible muscles around the wrist, as well as a strong wrist to support exercises, which will make injuries less frequent.

To stretch your wrists you can perform various exercises. One of the most effective is to put the palms together, pressing against each other and staying that way for half a minute. You can also slot your fingers together and push your palms away from your body while rotating your wrists. These are some examples that can help you prepare for intense workouts involving your wrists.

Give these a go and find what works for you!

At the end of the day these are just recommendations. It is better to give this a go now and get started with your wrist injury prevention, rather than getting wrist pain that results in problems later. See how these go for you and make your wrists stronger today!

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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