Best equipment to train the triceps in the gym

train the triceps

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A lot of people come into the gym with the goal of making their arms bigger. It is a great goal to have, but many beginners think that this mainly comes from building the biceps. While it is important to build size and strength in the bicep, it should not be your sole focus, you should also include your triceps. Since triceps are the bigger of the two muscles in your upper arm, it is important to train them with the right equipment.

The triceps are the muscle that, as its name suggests, is made up of three parts (heads): the lateral, the middle (medial) and the long. It constitutes 2/3 of the upper arm, which is a curious fact that a lot of beginners may not realise. This is especially important to understand for those people who assume that biceps training is the most important activity to develop arm muscles.

This muscle must be developed with patience, and not force the body by lifting loads for which it is not yet ready. A lot of people tend to pair the biceps and triceps muscles when training, because you can utilise both arm flexion and extension exercises to work them both. If your aim is to build and improve your triceps, then you should know some of the best equipment to use for the muscle.

The best machines to exercise and develop the triceps

In the gym you will find a lot of different machines and equipment that can help the workouts for your triceps. It is necessary that these activities be supervised especially if you are a beginner. If the correct weight is not used, or if the correct posture is not achieved, you could risk injury. You can try the different machines out in the gym, but it is important to figure out what works best for you so that you can develop a plan.

As mentioned earlier, the triceps are a great muscle to pair with something else to get to muscle groups developed at the same time. The bicep tricep workout, chest and tricep workout, as well as a shoulder and triceps workout are all commonly used. These are all great examples of muscle groups to workout together.

These are all good things to keep in mind for your annual gym plan, but at the end of the day you need to be able to choose the best equipment for your tricep development. Listed below are 4 examples of machines and equipment that can use to help develop your triceps:

1. Parallel bar dips / Dip station

It is something that you may frequently see being used to work the abdomen in the gym, but the truth is that it is equally effective to improve the triceps. It is an exercise often used in the bigger triceps workout because of how it engages all of the parts of the tricep. You can get more focused work in the tricep from this exercise when doing dips, which you can hold at the bottom of the movement to build muscular tension.

By lifting the entire body weight, the effort is concentrated in the triceps area, making the muscles acquire greater volume. This is the main objective which is sought when doing this type of training. This can even be adapted with leg weights and belt weights which can increase the resistance of the exercise, causing the tricep to work harder when fully extending up. This is one of the best tricep gym equipment that you can use as a beginner.

train the triceps

2. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are very effective at building strong triceps. Since they are free weights, the dumbbells allow all of the movement to be based solely on your effort, rather than the support of a machine. This means that your muscles can get better activation and engagement as they need to maintain the control of your movement.

Another benefit of using dumbbells for your triceps workout at the gym is the variety is provides. The range of exercises available that can target the different parts of the triceps makes it stands out compared to other options. A lot of the best tricep workouts utilise routines that rely on dumbbells for added resistance.

Some examples for good dumbbell tricep workouts are seated dumbbell tricep extensions, skull crushers and single arm tricep kickbacks (supported with a bench). If you have a decline bench in your gym, then you can potentially switch out skull crushers for a decline dumbbell triceps extension exercise which will add to the resistance. Kettlebells can also be used in this scenario.

train the triceps

3. Resistance bands and weight bench

You may be thinking that these are two different types of equipment, and you would be right. However, both a very helpful for triceps training that rely on bodyweight or light resistance exercises. Both resistance bands and weight benches can be grouped together for bodyweight tricep exercises to help increase their effectiveness.

Bodyweight exercises for triceps are usually neglected in the gym, but they provide a great opportunity to add variety to your workout program. Even well known bodyweight exercises like push-ups will actually engage the necessary muscles in the triceps to build strength. Adding a resistance band will allow you to increase the difficulty of these exercises without the need for adding weight.

When people think of a weight bench, it is generally associated with other exercises with weights such as a bench press rather than bodyweight exercises. However, you can utilise the bench to perform different motions that work the tricep, which wouldn’t be possible on a flat surface.

Some great examples of exercises that you can do with the equipment mentioned here are; banded pushdowns, standard press ups, bench dips and diamond push-ups. Give these a shot and see how they help your triceps.

train the triceps

4. Cable weight machine

Cable workout machines offer you a wide variety of options to work different muscles of the body. You can will find some of the best tricep exercises are performed using cable machines since they are very useful for exercising the arms in the gym. This is due to the fact that you can utilise a range of different weights, as well as being able to use both the low and the high pulley for the execution of the work.

This makes the cable machine a great option as a tricep machine. With this machine you can effectively perform traditional or reverse grip pulley triceps extensions.You can also exercise the triceps just like you would with dumbbells, but with more assistance from the pulley system. Exercises like cable tricep extensions, straight bar tricep pushdowns and supine tricep extensions are all great options possible with the use of this machine.

train the triceps

Start using these to build your triceps

All of the equipment mentioned are great options for strengthening your triceps. If you are looking to make your arms bigger in the gym, give these a go and find what works best for you!

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