The Best Back and Bicep Workout Tips That Work

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One of the best muscle pairings you can have for a session is a back and bicep workout. Use these expert tips to get the best results from this workout.

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To make sure that your back and bicep workout is as good as it can get, we’ve got some expert advice. With some guidance and support, you can create the best results when you know what to do for your workouts and exercises.

Making sure you do a workout right is so important. It’s not just about your reps or the weight lifted, but it’s the quality of the movement that counts.

So, as part of developing your fitness skills, pay attention to these tips to help when you next do your back and bicep workout.

Improving Your Back and Bicep Workout

Sometimes it’s the simple changes that can help ensure you’re getting great results. You’re after the right amount of toning without the risk of injury or overworking of the muscles.

These two areas are great to focus on together. It’s a very efficient way to work the upper body because they have to work together. But, you want more than efficiency, you want the best results you can.

back and bicep workout that gets results

Tips To Make Your Back and Bicep Workout More Effective

So, let’s make sure those valuable foundational concepts are part of your workout ethos. The 5 tips are:

1. Don’t Overdo It

It’s very common to overdo your workout. There is a tendency for some, to try and increase the weights, or push for very high intensity before you’re ready.

When the muscle is straining and tearing to accomplish the workout, it can lead to a longer time needed for recovery. You can lose momentum.

Learning your limits is vital to help ensure you get the most from your workouts.

After all, little and often is far more effective for toning up than an intense session needing a week of recovery. You don’t need to work out for hours at a time.

Sometimes a fifteen-minute high-intensity workout can help you see big changes!

back and bicep workout

2. Always Warm Up First

Did you know that the risks of getting injured while working out are substantially higher if you fail to warm up first?

Warming up gets the heart pumping to supply your body with the oxygen it needs for aerobic exercises.

Moreover, it also helps prepare your muscles for action, so they’re more able to handle higher-intensity workouts.

back and biceps workout

The other thing to consider is to make sure you warm up and use the larger muscle group first. So you prevent injury, you should activate the back muscle before you focus on the bicep.

Warm-ups don’t have to be hard and can be done in a matter of minutes. However, they can influence the success of your overall exercise session, including your bicep and back workouts overall.

3. Be Realistic with Your Goals

It’s important to have goals for your fitness that are realistic.

Massive changes do not happen overnight so you can’t expect your back and biceps workout to instantly transform you.

Generally, for a beginner, growth can take eight weeks before you start seeing the muscle change. Someone who is experienced might see it a bit quicker.

back and bicep workout at the gym

Focusing on slower, gradual improvements (and smashing your goals out of the park!) is much more motivational than setting an almost unattainable goal and – unsurprisingly – falling short.

4. Add Resistance Bands

Not feeling enough burn from your back and bicep workout? No problem – resistance bands can help with this.

Resistance bands come in a wide array of different resistance levels and can substantially increase the difficulty of an exercise, requiring far greater muscle engagement overall.

back and biceps workout using different accessories

5. Allow Rest Time

As recommended by Men’s Health, rest time is integral to being successful at the best back and biceps workout.

Indeed, while most people usually focus on 30 to 60 seconds of rest time, your muscles really need around three minutes to recover from a set of reps.

So, give them a little more time to recover while taking a breather – it’ll help you work out for longer overall while cutting the risk of injury.

back and bicep workout

The Best Back and Biceps Exercises To Try

The following four exercises could be excellent options to add to your back and biceps workout:

Horizontal pulls are one of the most effective exercises to work out your back and biceps. This is commonly seen on a rowing machine or with resistance bands. It certainly doesn’t take very long to feel the muscle burn.

Dumbbell or barbell hammer curls can be excellent workouts to target both the back and biceps. The intensity will depend on your posture and the angle you’re lifting.

Lateral pulldowns work out both the back and – if done right – the biceps simultaneously, helping tone both regions with a single exercise. You can also add a resistance band to make this a little more tricky if you’re not quite feeling the burn yet.

Chin-ups can be an excellent body-weight exercise to work out both your back and biceps. Make sure to keep your feet flat on the floor at all times to ensure you are working them simultaneously. If you are having difficulty with this, try to focus on keeping your toes down while rising. This simple change may help prevent your feet from lifting off the floor.

back and bicep workout

Optimize Your Back and Bicep Workout

If you add these tips into the mix you will optimize your back and bicep workout in a safe and effective way. Plus, once you feel confident with the exercises, you can add resistance or move on to a more challenging option.

Activating the back and biceps workout is a great way to get definition and strength in the upper body, particularly when your focus is specifically on this area for change.

Of course, utilising different exercises in your weekly workout is a must but you can see more of our different ideas in our arm workouts section. Not to mention the variety of back workouts and other exercise programs that we have discussed.

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