When people thinking about being in shape, they normally assume it’s only attainable in the gym. While the gym definitely has many benefits that very advantageous for this goal, it is not the only method to get that result. In fact, often the best way to get in shape if you have limited time is actually to utilise things outside of the gym.

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It may sound odd to hear this coming from a site focused on gym tips, but you don’t have to touch any weights or step in the gym to train and improve your physical condition. People looking for things such as the best fat burning exercises will often find that they can be done outside with little to no equipment required. There are many day-to-day details that will help us get in shape, and we have alternatives to the gym for training.

Get in shape outside of the gym

Here we propose 6 tricks to get in shape outside the gym, and if you follow these tips it should not take long for you to notice the results. Also they are very easy to follow so give the a try and find what works best for you.

1. Take advantage of green spaces

The best places you can choose to workout often require a good amount of space, which is something that is in abundance outdoors. Everyone should have access to a park or open grass area, regardless of whether you live in the city or suburbs. Not only is the park the perfect place to do this training, but the fresh air and sunny skies will provide more freedom compared to an indoor gym.

A lot of exercises can be done outdoors, from HIIT training to running, calisthenics, rope, and even other sports. There are also a variety of outdoor group workouts that can let you workout with friends. If you are lucky, the park may also have outdoor gym equipment that will help you stay in shape.

2. Exercise in your day to day tasks

Think about machines and equipment that are used in the gym, and what they mimic outside of the gym. A lot of people like to use stair machines in the gym for their workout, but will take elevators over stairs outside of the gym. This is a little change that can go a long way, as changing your habits around things like this will help you workout during the day.

If there is a machine that simulates stairs, it is because going up and down stairs helps us tone our glutes or legs. There are activities in the gym like spin classes that are highly beneficial, but can also be done with a regular bike outside. Most of these menial tasks also provide good cardio for weight loss.

3. A healthy and balanced diet

Two important factors when it comes to getting in shape are food and rest. You may have heard that we are what we eat, which is true, so avoid ultra-processed foods and those that provide us with a lot of calories. A good outline of things you can do is the following: Eat 3 fruits a day, eat 5 meals a day, drink at least 2 liters of water a day and try to regulate the timing of your meals.

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You can complete your diet with supplements for athletes. Also, don’t forget to get enough rest so that the body can recover. Rest is crucial in allowing the body to adapt and grow to the exercises done.

4. Jump in the water

Swim whenever you can, whether it be in the pool, beach or even a lake. Swimming is the most complete sport there is since it allows us to work all muscle groups simultaneously. There are a variety of pool workouts that can be done that can rival workouts done in the gym.

In addition, you will have to work your breathing, which will lead to improving your cardiovascular capabilities. As if that were not enough, it is a non-harmful sport that can help us recover from injuries. It is easy enough to get access to a place to swim, and it provides great variety for getting in shape.

5. Dance whenever you can

Another interesting activity to exercise is dancing. If you are a shy person and you are embarrassed to be seen dancing in public, you can do it at home, but try to dance whenever you can. Dancing provides us with discipline and coordination, which can be very beneficial as you get older.

It is considered to be some of the best cardio for weight loss while also helping to strengthen muscles. In addition to being a good physical activator, dance is joyful experience for all. It helps us to leave behind the stress of everyday life, and that only should be enough excuse to hit the dance floor (even if it is at home).

6. Walking is also doing sports

Walking is an underestimated activity when it comes to ways to get in shape. We said before that if you can walk to work in your day to day, take advantage of it. People often forget but you should bear in mind that activities such as trekking and hiking also help us get in shape. Walking in a natural environment instead of a treadmill is ideal to breathe fresh air and enjoy nature, a balance that your body and mind will appreciate.

You can even set targets for your days about how many steps you can do. A good target to aim for is walking 10000 steps a day. This type of goal can be tracked using activity bracelets. Do not miss the opportunity to exercise a little and enjoy the outdoors.


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