If you want to get in shape, you may have thought about joining the gym. It is something that can greatly improve not only our physical form, but also our health, both mental and emotional. Joining the exercise bandwagon and leaving sedentary life behind is one of the best decisions anyone can make in their life. Of course, it is not enough to jump into the gym, but we must take into account a series of recommendations , and one of the main ones is clothing. Therefore, we indicate everything you should never wear to the gym, below.

What accessories should you not take to the gym?

And, despite the fact that exercise is good, doing it without the proper recommendations can cause us to injure ourselves or not achieve the effects we are looking for. Therefore, in order not to get frustrated or injured, we recommend that you take note of some tips on the equipment you should bring to train and so that your visit to the gym is as fruitful as possible.

If you want to organize your gym backpack and know what you should never carry, we recommend that you continue reading and that you inform yourself well about what is the right equipment to start in the gym. That way, you will avoid falling into common mistakes that can sour your visit to the gym. Take note!

Any sneakers

If you are a newbie or novice in this sport, it is usually common for you to join the gym and go in any way. And if this going anyway includes sneakers, you’re already making one of the big mistakes of every rookie. 

One of the most common options is to wear urban shoes and stay that wide. We call them sneakers but we wear them to dress, so we think we can wear them to the gym, but we don’t. If you use this type of shoe, you can injure yourself for various reasons. Sometimes the sole is too thin and can make our joints suffer. Other times, the ankle support fails, the fact is that, whatever the reason, one of the best investments you can make is quality shoes.

The usual bra

Jumping, running, moving with agility. These are things that you will have to do in the gym often and that will make you suffer if you do not use the proper support. It does not matter if you have larger or smaller breasts, the sports bra will be an option that you should never discard in your sports outfit for the gym, and that will provide you with protection and comfort that will make your day at the gym a lot better.

So, if you’re joining the gym, remember to get a sports bra, but don’t just go for one. The bra will have to be your size and hold you well. If you are going to do sports a lot, we recommend that you get several, so, as they vary, they will take longer to spoil.

Jewelry and valuables

Rings, bracelets, necklaces. These are items that we wear every day but that, without a doubt, can cause you a lot of discomfort if you include them in your visit to the gym. It’s not just that they move and bother you, but they can get caught in machines or even clothes. In addition, they can be stained with sweat and damaged. Therefore, it is best that you leave them at home before going to your gym, or that you keep them in a bag when you arrive to keep them safe.

Cotton clothes

One of the first things we should think about to choose the right clothes to exercise is in our comfort. It is important that we take into account all the factors, such as wearing clothes that absorb sweat well, and this is where we should discard cotton clothing. We recommend that you lean towards fabrics, which can dry faster and make your day at the gym more comfortable.


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