Beginner’s Guide to Shoulders and Arms Workout

shoulders and arms workout

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If you are new to the gym and looking to tone and strengthen your shoulders and arms then check this out! This guide has everything you need to get what you want.

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Are you looking for a workout routine to tone your arms and shoulders? Do you want to be able to do push-ups, pull-ups, dips, presses, and rows with ease? This amazing shoulders and arms workout guide can help sculpt the muscles in your upper body.

Stronger arms and shoulders will not only improve your physical fitness but also your quality of life. Being able to carry out daily tasks or lift heavy objects becomes easier when you have strong muscles. Working out arms also helps maintain healthy circulating blood cells and reduces the risk of chronic disease.

Having strong arms and shoulders gives us strength throughout our entire body. Well-rounded workouts and exercises should include variety that involve different parts of the body. To get started on developing strong shoulders and arms, here’s an effective exercise routine that targets those areas.

Important Tips to Remember for Shoulder and Arm Exercises

If you are trying to build strong and healthy shoulders and arms then you have come to the right place! With the right guidance, you can target these muscle groups with an effective workout routine. Before we get into some shoulder and arm workouts you need to consider a few things. Here’s a few comprehensive tips for all of your shoulder and arm workout needs.

Focus on Form and Flexibility

Before diving head-first into shoulder and arm exercises, it’s important that you have a basic understating of proper form as well as some flexibility exercises.

Building strength is great for shoulder exercises but if you don’t have to proper form or range of motion you can risk injury. Too many shoulder injuries around the shoulder blades and shoulder joints have come from people rushing past this tip.

This will help you develop healthier postures while performing exercises, reduce the chance of injury, and give you greater control over your body when lifting weights or stretching. Basic stretches such as neck rotations, arm circles, shoulder squeezes, wrist rotations, side bends, or torso twists are all great ways to promote muscular balance and flexibility in your shoulders and arms.

Start with Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are perfect for beginners who are just getting started with working out their shoulders and arms. These exercises don’t require any equipment other than your body weight. A lot of beginners can mistakenly neglect these for strength training workouts, but they are always highly beneficial.

Among the most popular bodyweight should be include push-ups variations (incline/decline push-ups), triceps dips (off of a chair or bench), wall presses (against a wall), burpees – which add an element of cardio to your routine – and planks for static stability. All of these movements can be done at home without access to gym equipment.

shoulders and arms workout

Progress to Weighted Exercises

Once you’re comfortable with some basic movements using just your body weight there is even more potential if you begin incorporating weights into your routine such as dumbbells (lighter weight work best at first) or resistance bands – either used alone or combined with weights once you become more advanced in your workouts. As you progress with the exercises and your confidence is improved, you can slowly move to heavy weights for a bigger challenge.

Popular weighted moves include lateral raises using light dumbbells or bands; bicep curls; hammer curls; zottman curls; bent-over rows; overhead triceps extensions; diamond press ups; triceps kickbacks; upright rows; front chest flys.

When completing these lifts keep the focus on proper form rather than heaving heavyweights from position to position! Side planks may also be done with a small plate added beneath one arm for an asymmetrical challenge that strengthens stabilizing muscles in the shoulder region too! Everyone loves feeling strong!

Cool Down and Stretch After Your Shoulders and Arms Workout

No matter what workout program you follow, it’s always recommended to end it off with five minutes of gentle stretches, emphasizing all body parts worked during that day’s session – this includes stretching not only the front sides but also focusing on the rear deltoids (shoulder) – always make sure those sections aren’t neglected during regular training sessions!

It’s important to cool down after any exercise routine so that lactic acid doesn’t accumulate in our muscles, leading them into tightness after completing rigorous activities, which can result in soreness throughout our joints later on down the road if one isn’t facilitating properly stretching/cool downs as part of their physical regimen.

shoulders and arms workout, a woman is stretching her arm muscles

The Best Shoulders and Arms Workout You Can Do

Now that we have the tips out of the way we can get into the real stuff. With the right exercises, you can shape up and build muscle in your shoulders and arms. There are many amazing routine options that you can do, however we feel that these are the best to include for a beginner doing an upper body workout.

While you could do a shoulder workout and arm workout individually, it makes more sense to do them together initially. This is because most of the exercises will generally overlap for both muscles groups giving you great results for both.  If you want to tone your shoulder muscles and define you arms fast as a beginner then give a these exercises a go!

1. Dumbbell Shoulders Press

This is one of the most effective workouts for toning and building muscle in your shoulders.

Start by standing upright with a dumbbell in each hand, just below your shoulder height, palms facing forward.

Push your palms up until they meet above your head before lowering them back down to their original position. Do this exercise 10 times, or until you feel a burning sensation in the area.

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2. Overhead Triceps Extension

This exercise is just one of the great tricep dumbbell exercises you can do that benefits from strong shoulders.

For toning and building muscles in your triceps, try this overhead extension exercise with two dumbbells: Begin standing with a dumbbell in each hand, arms bent such that the handles are near shoulder height.

Then, extend your elbows upward so that both weights meet directly above you before returning to the starting position. Repeat this movement 10 times or until you feel a burn in this area as well.

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3. Rear Deltoid Rows

This exercise is great for toning muscle in the back of your shoulders called rear deltoids.

Start by standing with two dumbbells or kettlebells near waist level, palms facing behind you.

Pull them up towards chest level until they meet at center then lower them back down to their original position without rotating into an outward position when bringing them close together at center of chest.

Do about 10 reps of this very effective workout for finalizing super toned and strong shoulders!

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4. Bent Arm Pullover

Using either a barbell or dumbbells, stand straight while holding one weight overhead with both hands while bending forward slightly from hip-level until weight just meets floor behind head/shoulders (depending on range of motion).

Then, bring weight back up while extending arms to return back to beginning position once again doing 10 reps or more if needed to complete set – it works wonders on upper arm muscles like triceps! It is also great for your chest and back for an added bonus.

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5. Hammer Curl Exercise

This exercise will work on developing bicep muscle mass along with strengthening wrist flexors.

Hold two modestly weighted dumbbells facing each other, just beneath shoulder level so that knuckles are parallel. This will ensure correct “hammer curl” form using proper body mechanics.

It is paramount when performing any type of resistance training exercise, safely and effectively, within desired rep scheme/targeted areas, being worked depending upon individual goals and personal limitations!

Over time, these manoeuvres should become second nature and mastered for optimal results during routine gym visits, til eventually working out becomes habit itself… enjoy lifting responsibly!

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Start Building these Muscles the Right Way!

No matter your fitness level, these exercises are a great way to start building muscle with your shoulder workouts and those focused arm workouts. Start with lighter weights and work your way up as you get stronger.

Remember to keep proper form when performing any exercise and always be sure to warm up before starting any workout routine. With consistency, dedication and the right exercises, you can achieve amazing results in no time! So don’t be afraid to give this shoulders and arms workout a go and start making improvements in your life today!

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