4 Push-Up Workout Examples To Make Your Muscles Strong

push up workout

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The push-up workout is a powerful bodyweight exercise. We share four highly effective examples and additional ways to get better results with a push-up workout.

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A push-up workout may just be the key for you to get stronger muscles in your chest and beyond.

It’s easy to just think of one way to do a push-up but we want to broaden your knowledge base and add a few differences.

As a matter of act, there is quite a few excellent push-up exercises you can try for your chest, core, and glutes but to help you focus we’ve outlined four powerful options that get great results.

The Benefits of a Push-Up Workout

There’s a lot to love about a push-ups workout. It’s a move many of us try – and, sometimes, master – as a child.

Still, the humble push-up is exceptionally effective for creating an effective workout, and critically, there are countless excellent ways you can also add a little more intensity to your pushups.

A typical push-up is predicted to burn around seven calories per minute or 420 calories per hour.

However, most of us aren’t doing push-ups for the calorie burn, as opposed to the phenomenal toning potential push-ups can offer.

A young man doing a push-up workout

Fortunately, as recommended by Do It At Your Desk, a push-up workout can be highly effective for transforming your toning potential in as little as two months.

4 Push-Up Exercises You Should Try

Did you know there are many different ways to complete a push-up? The following four are great examples of variations you could try to do push-ups in your workout.

1. Superman Push-Up Workout

As a particularly effective exercise for your core, chest, and leg muscles, the Superman push-up workout is an excellent option to work towards.

As you develop this push-up workout you are strengthening the muscles that support your spine, developing a good posture and more agility.

This video demonstrates a variation of this superman push-up. Always remember to engage your core and tighten your abs.

It has been said this is the hardest one to master but the benefits take your workout to the next level.

2. Incline Push-Up Workout

An incline push-up workout is completed by leveraging your body at an angle, such as a wall or table.

The incline push-up workout is an easier version to try. It helps you build up stability and upper-body strength while also affecting the chest muscles.

Doing a push-up this way puts less stress on your wrists and elbows, making it a great place for beginners to start.

Notably, it’s worth considering that an incline push-up should have a very short range of motion.

However, if you’re unable to complete a full single motion, don’t worry; starting out by completing this move against a wall may help you adjust to the slightly different range of muscles worked.

A female is doing a push-up workout from a bench

3. Pike Push-Up Workout

A slightly less strenuous alternative, but no less demanding, the Pike push-up involves you starting in a high plank position.

The pike push-up activates your core and is great for your stability and shoulder strength.

It has the additional benefit of toning the whole arm including the forearm, tricep and bicep.

It’s a great place to start practising a hand-stand push-up if that’s your goal.

These push-ups, as any, should be done in a slow and controlled way to get the most out of the in-demand muscle.

4. Diamond Push-Up Workout

Finally, we should consider diamond push-ups. Diamond push-ups are unique push-up varieties designed to help place additional pressure on the triceps.

And while it’s not the only type of triceps push-up, it’s certainly one of the best. Some studies claim it is the most effective tricep exercise.

Your form is very important with this push-up like it is with all styles.

Some fitness experts caution against the over-use of the diamond push-up because it has the potential to impact the shoulder joint.

So, use this one at your discretion. As always, listen to your body and get professional assistance to get more effective results and prevent injury.

Tools to Help You With Even Better Push-Up Results

There have been some great innovations created, especially for the home gym, that you might want to consider.

Push-up Workout Stands

This is a portable, non-slip sturdy structure for push-ups. It aids with strength training and is great for gym or home fitness workouts.

The great thing is, this has been made strong enough to support any weight as well as ergonomically designed for better load bearing.

non-slip sturdy structure for push-up workout stand

Equally important, it is 8.7″ long x 5.1″ wide x 4.1″ tall and weighs 1.16 pounds.

Also, its lightweight and easy-to-assemble construction mean this tool is a very simple and convenient tool to use.

Power Press Push-Up Board

This piece of home workout equipment is a big favorite with over 7000 ratings in the Amazon store.

It’s a push-up bar with 30 plus color-coded combination positions for exercise. Significantly, it eliminates stress on hands and wrists as a result because it promotes correct form and has non-slip hand grips.

power press push-up board

Moreover, there is a free HIIT workout program included and over 30 push-up combination positions included.

Not to mention the Power Press push-Up board itself is a heavy-duty structure, able to take up to 300 pounds.

The Push-Up Workout is a Complete Exercise

If you’ve been looking to create a new push-up workout then it’s vital that you’ve got the right strategies in place.

Indeed, push-ups are a great edition to our other excellent workout options, give them a try.

When done correctly, the humble push-up can be effective just as a bodyweight exercise. But together with these variations, you’ll add diversity to your workout.

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