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Incredible Push Up Workout Routine For Quick and Easy Chest Gains

Learn about the four best push up workout options for the best muscle gains.
push up workout

Have you been looking for new ways to optimize your push up workout goals? If so, then it’s integral to start with the most effective types of push ups overall. Fortunately, there are countless excellent push up exercises you can try for your chest, core, and glutes; luckily, we’ve outlined a few of the best push up workout options as follows to help make this decision a little easier for you, overall.

The Benefits of a Push Up Workout

There’s a lot to love about a push ups workout. It’s a move many of us try – and, sometimes, master – as a child. Still, the humble push up is exceptionally effective for creating an effective workout, and critically, there are countless excellent ways you can also add a little more intensity to your pushups.

A typical push up is predicted to burn around seven calories per minute or 420 calories per hour. Still, most of us aren’t doing push ups for the calorie burn, as opposed to the phenomenal toning potential push ups can offer. Fortunately, as recommended by Do It At Your Desk, a push up workout can be highly effective for transforming your toning potential in as little as two months.

push up workout

4 Push Up Exercises You Should Try

At this point, we’ve outlined some key things you should know about optimizing your push up workout. However, did you know there are many different ways to complete a push up? The following four are several great examples of ways you could add push ups to your own daily or routine workouts.

#1 Superman Push Up

As a particularly effective variety of push ups for your chest, the Superman push up is an excellent option for many people. Start in a plank position, as normal, but with your hands stretched roughly one-foot in front of you. Lower as close to the ground as you can without falling. Then, maintain the pose momentarily before returning to a normal position.

#2 Incline Push Up

If you have a push up board or table, you could attempt to complete an incline push up rather than sticking with the norm. Place your hands at either edge of the bench; you’ll want to position these just slightly further apart than shoulder width. Then, with your feet slightly apart and with your body at a roughly 45-degree angle, begin lowering your body to the edge of the bench. Hold this position (without resting on the bench) before returning to the starting position.

Notably, it’s worth considering that an incline push up should have a very short tange of motion. However, if you’re unable to complete a full single motion, don’t worry; starting out by completing this move against a wall may help you adjust to the slightly different range of muscles worked.

push up workout

#3 Pike Push Up

A slightly less strenuous alternative to the normal push up, the Pike push up involves you starting in a high plank position. Keep your hands at shoulder-width apart, and create an almost ninety-degree angle with your back and hips. Then, gradually lower to the ground, maintaining this angle, before returning to your starting position.

#4 Diamond Push Up

Finally, we should consider diamond push ups. Diamond push ups are unique push up varieties designed to help place additional pressure on the triceps. And while it’s not the only type of triceps push ups, it’s certainly one of the best.

To complete diamond push ups, you should start in a plank position. Then, place your hands below your chest, and form a triangle with your thumbs and index finger. From here, the push up pose is the same – but you’ll likely feel significantly more pressure while lowering and straightening your arms.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to create a new push up workout, it’s vital that you’ve got the right strategies in place. Indeed, push ups are excellent workout options; in many cases, they can be done effectively just as a bodyweight exercise. Meanwhile, by integrating new weights, resistance bands, and piece of equipment, you can further increase the intensity of your workouts for greater calorie burn and toning potential, as a result.

Have you tried any of today’s recommendations? Let us know how you have added today’s tips to your own push up workout goals – we’d love to hear from you!

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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