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What advice is there for a beginner gym workout plan?

When you're going to the gym you need a plan and as a beginner you should be optimistic with what you're doing. Here's some advice to help you get results and go the distance.
beginner gym workout

Thinking about starting up at the gym but never been before? There is a first time for everything so it is perfectly fine if you are nervous. It can be hard to predict what will happen or what you should do if you have never been before, but that is where we come in. We will provide you with some useful tips that will help you to get comfortable in the gym and get the most out of the experience.

The most important thing you need to know for your first gym visit is to enjoy yourself and take it all in. Building gym fitness should be an enjoyable experience for you rather than a chore. There will be times when your motivation for a workout will be low, but you should not be dreading the gym every time you think of going.

It is normal to think that maybe you are not ready to start in the gym, that you will not be able to do the exercises, that you will have sore the next day or that other people will look at you weirdly. Everyone has had those thoughts when they go the first time, but the actual experience is different when you have good advice. Knowing some recommendations beforehand will help you take the final step and convince you that going to the gym is a good decision.

What to keep in mind if you are going to the gym for the first time?

As a beginner to the gym, it is important to try and establish the goal you want to achieve with your time. Whether you want to achieve a specific goal (like losing weight) or if you want to start going to the gym simply to improve your health and fitness, it is important to go with a realistic and positive mindset. The process will not be an easy one by any means, but knowing everything about the gym and adapting to it may take you some time.

People may only focus on the workout part of the gym, but there are helpful tips that can help you have the best mindset for it. Going to the gym will change your life for the better, but you will need to remain focused and committed when it gets tough to reach your goals.

1. Come with an open mindset and focus on yourself

With anything regarding gym and fitness, try to get rid of any preconceptions you may have before hitting the gym for the first time. Thinking, for example, that only people with a high level of training go to the gym and that you are going to make a fool of yourself makes no sense. Be clear that you will need time to learn everything and that everyone focuses on their own objectives without paying too much attention to the others.

Likewise, try not to come in the gym expecting the worst. If you already assume that the exercises will be hard and the gym will be crowded, you will automatically be in a negative mindset. If you dwell on this throughout the day, you will come into the gym with the wrong mood. You will manifest the negative things you think in your head, which can result in you underperforming and getting in your own way. Relax, take a deep breath, and just enjoy trying something new!

2. Familiarize yourself with the facilities and ask the staff for advice

If you have never been in a gym, you will have what seems like a whole new world to discover. Before starting the exercise, you must know the environment in which you are going to be working in. Tour the facilities, ask for the machines available and group classes such as spinning or cross fit that may interest you. This will help so little by little you will feel more and more comfortable.

A gym trainer or personal trainer is also highly recommended if you are just starting out in the gym. They are highly experienced and professional resources that can help you gain essential knowledge for your start to the gym. Many people benefit greatly from using them at the start because they can teach you the form needed for different exercises, as well as develop proper gym program. If you give them a try you will not regret it!

beginner gym workout

3. Plan your goals and establish a training plan

As mentioned above, do not hesitate to talk with the staff and personal trainers of the gym to explain the reasons why you have come and request advice on the best exercise plan for you. Let yourself be advised on how many days you should train, on the most advisable activities according to physical condition and how to structure your workouts. Do not be shy when it comes to asking questions and expressing concerns. You are ‘newbie’ in the beginning, this is the time to ask.

Once you learn all the basics you should really decide on specificity for your goals. It is good to have these established so that you can stay motivated at all times and properly measure your improvement. With these goals in mind, you can develop a proper gym workout plan that works towards achieving them. As you get more experienced, or if you work with a personal trainer often, you can also have an annual gym workout plan established.

4. Bring the equipment you need

You don’t need to go out and get the most expensive gear for the gym straight away, but remember that it is important to organize the gym backpack and bring some essential things. Comfortable clothes, appropriate shoes, a small towel to dry the sweat and also grooming products are all necessary. The water bottle, to hydrate you conveniently, should be another of your basics when you start.

Other products would depend on what you are doing and what you need for the gym. A common thing that most people have in their gym bag is resistance bands which can be used for warm ups and exercises. You can normally get a bundle of these without different resistant types that will help you. Another thing that can be brought is headphones, which is a great way to zone out the surrounding sounds and stay focused on your workouts.

5. Progressive advancement

Don’t expect miracles in a single session. The first days in the gym will be somewhat challenging and if you have not been in the gym before it will take time for you to learn. No matter how badly you may want it, your goals can not be reached in a single session alone. Be patient with yourself and give your body time to adapt to the change it is experiencing.

Once you starting getting comfortable, you can begin to increase the difficulty and resistance of exercises to improve upon your growth. Maintain a good balance for progressing your workouts is one of the keys to success in the gym. Start by moderating your effort and gradually increase the intensity of the exercise only when you feel that you are ready to do it. The best gym results come from plans that are structured and not rushed.

6. Warm up and stretch

If you have never been to the gym, you should know that jumping into your workout routine the minute you enter is a common mistake that you should avoid. It is essential to warm up beforehand and end the session with some basic and adequate stretching. Only then will you limit the risk of injuries that you can suffer if you do not have experience in this gym.

If you own one, or if it is in your gym, use a foam roller before and after sessions. This will help to reduce the build up of lactic acid in your muscles to get you feeling your best quicker. You will also need to make sure to stretch all the muscles being worked in that session. For example, if you have a beginner ab workout planned, then you will need to know the proper ways to stretch the abs to get the best results in your workout.

And remember…. enjoy the experience!

Your healthy journey should never be seen as a chore or something horrible to endure. Think of all the positives that are going to develop in your life because you’ve taken the time to build your fitness at the gym. Your thinking is going to get clearer, your skin healthier, more flexibility and mobility and let’s not forget, stronger. All something to help you maximise an enjoyable life.

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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