It has always been considered that to be in shape and obtain visible results it is necessary to invest hours of effort in the gym without rest. However, recent studies have shown that there are routines that allow you to achieve the desired goals by investing less time and increasing the intensity.

This new training methodology is called Grit Series s and consists of combining “Strength” exercises (plyometric and cardio) in order to burn approximately 600 calories in 30 minutes. It is ideal for people who do not have a lot of time to train, because with the exercises carried out during that time, all the areas necessary to obtain optimal results are worked on.

The Grit Series belongs to what is called a high intensity interval training (HIIT) system. Specialists point out that relying on short periods of effort makes it possible to reach maximum training levels to improve athletic performance.

This series training model has been designed by coaches, doctors, sports professionals and physiotherapists with the aim of making the body work at its maximum intensity for thirty minutes, obtaining a strong and athletic physique.

What is the Grit Series routine and who is it designed for?

As it is a very hard training concentrated in just 30 minutes, specialists agree that this type of exercise will strengthen the mind and body, as well as change the user’s attitude. Studies indicate that HIIT causes an acceleration of fat burning, which provides hormonal benefits that improve the health and well-being of those who practice it.

The Grit Series is aimed at expert athletes who want to take their training sessions to a higher level or who do not have a lot of time. They are series that help to give an extra motivation to those who love sports, as it invites them to overcome their own limits. In addition, with this type of training, very visible results are achieved in a very short time, which produces greater motivation in those who practice it.

Grit Series modalities that you should know

They are unique trainings that are often renewed by the brand on a frequent basis. At first, the guidelines start for 20 minutes, taking as many breaks as needed. Over time it increases to 30 minutes and can only be stopped when the lesson indicates it.

Grit Strength

It is a high intensity training carried out in a team, in which the bar, discs and the body itself are used. Practicing it in just 30 minutes can consume approximately 500 calories. The main muscles of the body are worked, promoting muscle growth and increasing strength levels.

To perform these exercises, the user must be constant in time if he wants to see results quickly.

Yelled Plyometric

This training is based on plyometric and offers visible results very quickly. They are exercises that are executed in jumps, either with one foot, in rebounds, balances or movements, and are combined with the principles of plyometric, promoting power and agility. By performing them in times of 30 minutes, the body becomes faster, stronger and more agile.

Grit Cardio

This workout, as its name suggests, is cardiovascular, but high-impact. It is designed to burn fat and exponentially improve lung capacity and endurance, making the user an athlete.

During the 30 minutes that the practice lasts, different high-impact exercises are combined that use the athlete’s own weight to create more intensity and increase the pulsations.

Remember to always consult your doubts with a qualified personal trainer or monitor before starting the grit series routine.


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