Our energy expenditure is constant and does not stop even when we are sleeping or at rest. It is a natural process that our basal metabolism takes care of, but you should know that there are simple ways to increase that caloric expenditure. If you want to burn more calories in each workout, put into practice these tricks that have to do with important and very different aspects, from the diet prior to exercise, to the way you train. They will surprise you.

You are surely interested in eliminating more calories in each session, especially if your goal is to lose weight and control it. As we exercise, our body obtains the energy it needs from the food we have eaten and also from our glycogen stores and accumulated fat. This perfect mechanism means that the more we move and exercise, the more calories we consume. Some practices, in addition, can help you burn more calories by training and make that consumption increase significantly.

How to increase energy expenditure when you train

Probably, you have ever wondered why training seems to be more effective for some people since they burn more calories by doing a physical activity similar to what others do. Each one is different and responds differently to exercise, but if you want to increase caloric expenditure in your next workout, these tricks will be of maximum use to you.

1. Choose wisely when to train

It is something obvious but that we often don’t take into account. You should try to give your best in each workout and for this, it is necessary to be rested. Many coaches advise training first thing in the morning, after getting enough sleep and eating a light breakfast. In this way, you will be full of energy and you will be able to do any exercise or running race, burning calories to the fullest.

Do not train “exhausted”, perhaps after a hard working day, because your training will be less effective and in the same period of time you will use fewer calories.

2. Varied training

It is the key to burning more calories in each workout. It is surprising how our body gets used to a certain exercise and, over time, it needs less and less energy to carry it out. Variety is that great trick you need to shed more calories every time you exercise.

Try changing your activity combining running, swimming, tennis, cycling, cross fit or put your body to work hard with new challenges such as including high intensity intervals (HIIT training), running uphill or for longer than usual, training in circuit or with repetitive series of different exercises. You have many alternatives to have fun with new options that make your body continue to demand energy and burn more calories in each workout.

3. Combine cardiovascular activities with strength exercises

If your goal is to lose weight and you want to eliminate more calories by training, do cardio and strength work in the same session. You can start with aerobic exercises, which will make you consume, quickly, the available energy and end with strength exercises (sit-ups, push-ups, plank, and exercises with weight). With this type of combined training, you will be able to burn more calories, because your basal metabolism will make you continue to demand maximum energy even after the training is finished.

4. Diet and hydration

What you eat before, during and after training influences when it comes to achieving more effective results if it is about burning more calories. Follow a balanced diet, whose caloric intake is always in proportion to the exercise you are going to do. No matter how many calories you burn when you train, if you have invested more than you expend, the “balance” of your training will not be satisfactory. On the other hand, proper hydration is essential not only so that you can last longer training and, therefore, burning calories, but also to help you get rid of accumulated fat.

5. Move whenever you can

Sometimes the simplest is what works best. Do you want to burn more calories in each training session? Well, start training from minute one. Details such as brisk walking to the gym or climbing stairs instead of using the elevator are gestures with which you will be subtracting calories without realizing it.


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