It is a new training accessory that has come to the world of fitness to stay. The Battle Rope is a long rope with an approximate weight of 10 kilos that allows you to do a multitude of exercises to increase strength, power and resistance. You want to know more?

It is increasingly common to see it in functional training and in Cross fit sessions due to its proven effectiveness in burning calories and fat without losing muscle mass. This rope, similar to the one used in mooring boats, can have different measures and weights, although the most used in the gym, are about 15 meters in length and exercising with them means moving 10 – 12 kilos of load about.

The Battle Rope Training is always an intense, dynamic and fun workout, which can adapt to the physical level of each athlete. If you decide to try it, you should know that exercise with ropes will help you eliminate a good amount of calories in each session, because the constant movement of the Battle Rope implies a hard cardiovascular training with which, in addition, you will work the muscles of your arms and, also, the core and the lower body.

What is a rope workout like?

You can train with this particular rope by exclusively performing a routine with Battle Rope, or include this element as part of a cross fit session or a global workout in which you want to incorporate a high intensity interval based on rope work.

In any case, if you want to get started in Battle Robe Training , you should start by holding the rope at both ends in the correct way and learning to perform the two basic movements that will allow you to do many other exercises:

  1. Waves. Moving the ropes, keeping the elbows flexed without stressing the joints is the first exercise you must master. It is simply a matter of forming those waves with the Battle Rope raising and lowering your arms, both at the same time or alternately, while your biceps, triceps and the muscles of your shoulders and forearms work with high intensity.
  2. Slams. This second basic exercise consists of hitting the ground with the Battle Rope, first raising the arms and dropping them with force.

Once both types of movements are controlled, the possibilities offered by rope training are extensive and are not limited to exercising the muscles of the upper body. In the 20-30 minutes that the session can last, it is easy to put other muscle groups such as the core, the legs and the gluts to work , simply by moving the Battle Robe while doing squats, lateral movements, jumps or, for example, strides.

Benefits of training with Battle Ropes

Whether your goal is to lose weight or if you want to maintain an excellent physical shape by improving strength and endurance, this new form of fitness can bring you important advantages that should be taken into account, for example:

  • It is a complete workout, combining aerobic work with strength work.
  • It is done in short sessions and its results are noticeable within a few weeks. It is excellent for losing weight and toning muscles.
  • It allows you to work with a considerable weight but without your joints suffering since you do not “load” it directly on them. The risk of injury is practically nil.
  • Rope training is excellent if you are trying to increase cardiovascular and respiratory capacity.
  • Improves balance and coordination of movements, being ideal for strengthening the core.
  • It can be practiced in the gym and also outdoors. You only need the Battle Rope and a point to tie it to.
  • There are many athletes from very diverse disciplines who practice it, from runners to swimmers or climbers because it is a way of doing a hard exercise in the most enjoyable and fun way.


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