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Avoid the Weight Loss Plateau: How To Maintain Your Progress

Finding it hard to continue to lose weight? Find out what is going on and how you can fix it in this article!
weight loss plateau

When it comes to weight loss, things always seem to start off well – but then, it becomes much less optimistic when the weight loss plateau hits. Indeed, facing a weight loss plateau can often be incredibly frustrating, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. In fact, with a few simple strategies and steps, you can overcome the weight loss plateau and begin working towards your weight loss goals again.

When Does the Weight Loss Plateau Hit?

Before we go any further, we should perhaps first consider the crucial question: when does the weight loss plateau strike? This is a little hard to define specifically, as different people will have different experiences. However, it’s often a common occurrence after losing substantial weight towards your final weight loss goals.

Common Causes of Weight Loss Plateaus

Whether you’re striving for medical weight loss or if you’re losing weight for your own sense of wellbeing, weight loss plateaus are always a frustration. However, some of the most common causes of a plateau when dieting include the following:

  • Losing enough weight that your metabolism and base calorie requirements fall drastically (it’s estimated that we need 6.8 calories fewer for every pound of weight loss)
  • Losing muscle tone from a lack of exercise, resulting in a lower BMR and slower weight loss
  • Snacking more than you realize during the day, making it harder to achieve your daily dieting and calorie goals
  • Inaccurate calorie counting throughout the day, perhaps due to changing recipes or ingredients in your normal cooking
  • Consuming too few calories in a day, making your BMR and metabolism more erratic overall
  • Finding it harder to stick to your diet/exercise plan with time could reduce your ability to burn calories and lose weight accordingly.

These are just a few of the potential causes of weight loss plateaus, but they’re integral to consider overall. Indeed, weight loss plateaus are common in dieting but it’s not impossible to overcome them with planning and careful consideration.

Still, you will need to ensure that you are putting in the time and monitoring your weight loss efforts, to get the most from your weight loss goals and ensure the plateau does not become a long-term limitation.

weight loss plateau

How to Overcome a Plateau When Dieting

Thus far we’ve outlined some of the most common causes of weight loss plateaus. However, when you notice that a weight loss plateau might be creeping in, it’s important to consider how you could overcome these. Fortunately, overcoming weight loss plateaus doesn’t have to be impossible, and with the following strategies, you can help ensure weight loss plateaus do not remain a common challenge in your life.

Monitor your Calorie Requirements

One of the leading causes of weight loss plateaus is an insufficient calorie deficit. When you lose weight, your calorie requirements also fall; as such, be sure to check your estimated calorie requirements regularly while dieting to ensure you’re getting the most from your weight loss efforts.

Create Exercise and Diet Plans You Can Stick To

Since another common cause of weight loss plateaus is an inability to stick to your diet, finding exercise and diet plans you can genuinely stick to may help. The ideal option in this regard will vary from person to person; for example, while some people might need a diet that treats them for being good, other people might need to choose a more varied diet to keep things interesting, and so on.

Find a New Source of Motivation

Struggling to stick to your diet? Very Well Fit recommends that motivation may be a leading factor in this. With this thought in mind, finding a new source of motivation could be an excellent way to boost your dieting efforts if you’ve been finding it hard to keep things up. Something as simple as joining a dieting group, finding a new quote that’s meaningful to you, and the like could go a long way here.

weight loss plateau

Take a Break From Your Dieting

This might seem counterproductive. However, if you have tried the above steps and you are still finding it hard to overcome the lack of motivation to diet, it may be worth simply taking some time out to ensure that you are able to get back on track. This doesn’t mean you should completely give up on the diet; however, by taking a pause from losing weight to simply maintain your current weight, you may be able to get back on track and find the motivation to continue.

Final Thoughts

Nothing’s more frustrating in many cases than that moment during your diet when the weight loss plateau hits. However, while this can seem like a set back, it doesn’t have to be an impossible goal to overcome. Indeed, numerous weight loss options can help you overcome the weight loss plateau when dieting, and we hope today’s guide will have helped.

Remember: there are options for moving forward when the weight loss plateau strikes – and with today’s tips, you should continue seeing success with your goals.

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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