It is a practical device, very useful to plan your workouts and help you acquire healthy habits, but, among the different existing models, which one should you choose? Take note of the aspects to take into account to choose the best activity bracelet you go.

In a few years, the use of smart activity wristbands has spread, both among athletes and among people who want to keep track of their physical activity in general. You have them with more or fewer applications and with very different prices, but they all fulfill a basic function: to collect information about the movement and energy expenditure that you make every day.

When worn on the wrist, the bracelet records your movements and “measures” them in the form of steps. In this way, it will be able to tell you very interesting data about the kilometers you travel daily, the time you are in motion or the calories you have burned in a morning of running. If you do not take it off at bedtime, it will also provide you with information about your hours of sleep and the quality of your rest. All these data will reach the corresponding electronic device (Tablet, Smartphone) so that you can analyze a multitude of variables, from whether you are following a balanced diet that helps you lose weight, to whether your training is proving as effective as you want.

What should you look for to buy an activity bracelet?

When it comes to buying an activity bracelet, it is easy to get lost among the variety of existing models. It is important to choose one that suits your needs and rhythm of life so that it is really useful for you and you can take advantage of it. Among the characteristics that you should look at if you are going to acquire a smart bracelet to exercise are:

Comfort and ease of use

Keep in mind that for the device to fulfill its function, you must wear it continuously, day and night, so it should never be annoying. The material from which it is made, its weight or the possibility of placing it, at any given time, in a place other than the wrist, such as a bracelet or a belt, is a detail to take into account. If you find it uncomfortable, you will end up leaving it cornered in a drawer.


It is another key aspect to assess before buying an activity bracelet. Fundamental the battery (must have independence at the least several days) and also the facility to connect to the device where you will see the information provided. If the data does not arrive correctly and accurately, the bracelet will not be reliable.

Variety of functions

It is what distinguishes some bracelets from others and what the difference in prices lies in. You don’t always have to choose the most expensive one, but the one that really includes the functions that you need. All of them will help you to record your movements, that is, to count the steps you have taken and the rest times. Also, generally, all of them will give you information on calories ingested and expended, but, in addition, some include functions that may be of interest to you, such as:

  • Clock / stopwatch. Important, above all, if you train with the aim of improving your marks.
  • Heart rate monitor. Perfect if you want to control your heart rate at all times when you train, sleep or stand.
  • GPS. Interesting if you practice outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain biking and it is convenient for you to always know (and have them know) your location.
  • Inactivity alert. A very useful function especially for sedentary people, because the bracelet alerts you when you have not moved for too long, for example, sitting in front of the computer.

Quality of the app associated with the bracelet

It is one of the important details for the device to become a basic accessory for you. With the information collected by the bracelet, some applications can design everything from the perfect diet to lose weight, to the best training plan for you to optimize each of your sessions.

Specific sports

You have activity bracelets designed for very specific activities such as submersible bracelets, ideal for lovers of swimming and other water sports.


If, in addition to being practical, your bracelet becomes a beautiful fashion accessory, all the better.


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