Don’t you skip a single session at the gym, work hard, are constant, and still don’t see the results you expect? If when you get on the scale you do not explain why you are not losing weight despite exercising, take note of the errors that reduce the effectiveness of your weight loss training.

It’s really frustrating and can make you lose motivation and think about throwing in the towel. Losing extra kilos is always difficult and requires an effort that combines sufficient physical exercise with a balanced diet. Your goal should be to burn more calories than you eat daily and propose to follow a series of guidelines that make your weight loss workouts work!

Sometimes inadvertently we make training mistakes that make losing weight more difficult. Inappropriate foods, habits that do not help us in our goal, a type of training that is not the most indicated. Review our list and discover why you do not lose weight by training.

Why don’t I lose weight if I exercise?

It is important to note that each person has their own pace when it comes to shedding pounds and accumulated fat. Some metabolic problem may be behind this apparent lack of effectiveness of exercise, but, in most cases, it is small “failures” that make the sessions in the gym to lose weight do not meet your expectations. Among the most common are:

1. What you eat before and after doing sports

The food you eat before and after training may be the key. An excess of calories before starting up or a “tribute” in the form of foods rich in sugar and fat after the exercise session (because I have worked hard and I deserve it) will make all the effort made worth very little.

2. Stagnation

Sometimes the fault is in the exercise routine that you follow in each session. Remember that the body quickly gets used to the level of effort required of it , reducing energy consumption as it manages to overcome a new challenge, that is, if you repeat the same training over and over again, you will burn less and less calories per session. The remedy to avoid stagnation when you train is simple: vary your routines to increase the effectiveness of the exercise. Introducing high intensity intervals (HIIT), working with new exercises or combining different types of training such as cross fit, running, full body will increase efficiency.

3. Sedentary habits

As much as you work an hour a day in the gym, if the rest of the day you “save” all the calories possible, you are making a common mistake that makes your training to lose weight work just enough. Too many hours sitting or practicing “tumbling” on the sofa, not climbing a ladder or by chance, using the car to go from here to the corner. It does not help.

4. Excessive force work

If you want to lose weight training, aerobic exercise should be a priority in your sessions. It touches to sweat the shirt. This does not mean that you have to eliminate strength exercises, but it does mean to limit them, because muscle development implies weight gain, at least during the first months of training. It is not a negative thing, but you must take it into account and know that if your training focuses on the growth of your muscle mass, at first you will notice that not only do you not lose weight, but you increase it (we insist, it is something temporary).

5. Errors in correct hydration

It is a very common failure in weight loss workouts that can ruin all our work. Who does not want a cool drink after training? Be careful! A sugar-rich soda can give you an outrageous amount of calories. Water and infusions, much better.

6. Insufficient rest

After exertion, the body needs a recovery period that allows it to return to full training in the next session. Losing kilos takes some time. It is a mistake to fall into overtraining thinking that this way we will lose weight sooner. Not getting enough rest will make gym work ineffective and impatience will delay the results of your effort.


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