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5 Tips how to Speed Up Recovering after Workout

Recovery fitness is just as important as the workout itself. Make sure you add these ideas to your recovering after workout routine.
recovering after workout

Your body and mind need a good rest after exercising, to facilitate their recovery and make you feel like new after training. Gym recovery is important so that your whole body returns to its normal state prior to the effort you just made before you go again. But do you know what to do to achieve a quicker recovery time?

Your routine at the gym has been hard work on your muscles, which have been under tension for a considerable time. The physical effort involved in trying to perform the number of repetitions set for each exercise, lifting a certain weight or enduring more minutes on the treadmill, the bike or the elliptical, can take it’s toll on even the most experienced gym users.

Going from this situation of maximum effort to a state of rest is not always easy. Coaches agree on the importance of doing it in the right way, in order to take advantage of all the benefits that sport implies. Having a gym rest day and spending some time focusing on fitness recovery will avoid injury or stiffness that can impede your development and progression in future sessions .

How to help your recovery after workout?

We are not machines and the body needs a minimum of time to relax after working in the gym. This will help it to continue to remain in top shape, avoiding excessive fatigue and the feeling of post-workout stress.

It must be emphasized that one of the important tricks to get the rest period off to a good start after exercise is to always end an intense physical activity progressively, never suddenly. Reduce the level of effort in the last minutes of your training and it you will warn your body that the degree of muscle tension should be lowered.

It is recommended to take post workout and recovery supplements like protein shakes just after a workout to help aid the process of the muscles repairing. But while these products are beneficial, they are not the only thing you should be doing to recover from a session. Put into practice some of the tips that we give you so that gym recovery is quick and easy for you.

recovering after workout

1. Stretches

Regardless of the exercise routine you do, ending the session with stretching is essential to promote the progressive and gentle elongation of the muscles that have worked the hardest. Stretching is essential not just for the gym but for any sport in general, so ignoring it just to save yourself some time can actually be detrimental to your performance and progression.

Stretching at the beginning and end of your workouts improves mobility and helps you avoid injuries such as strains. A good example of something that many people ignore for this is to stretch their abs before a core workout. If professional athletes and experienced gym users do stretching, then you should pay attention and follow suit.

2. Shower or bath

One of the gym recovery tips that gets underestimated the most is utilising a shower or bath to stimulate recovery times. Getting in contact with water is always an excellent remedy to help you relax after playing sports or working out.

It can be effective to immerse yourself in a wonderful warm water bath just as much as trying an invigorating contrast shower (start with warm water and go to cold water). With the bath you can even try things like an ice bath, as well as using products like epsom salts to help stimulate the healing process. In both cases, you will notice the relaxing effect of the water, perfect for recovering after training.

3. Food and hydration

What you consume after the session also influences when it comes to achieving optimal relaxation after the gym. You can have normal substances like a protein shake, but you should also have good food to aid recovery. Normally meals with protein and carbs are useful within the first hour after a workout not only to aid recovery but to also replenish the energy stores that have been used up. The best gym recovery programs include nutritional plans so you’re taking care of the whole body.

Hydrating properly is essential after exercise and you should not only do it by ingesting enough water, you can also resort to infusions to avoid fatigue. Chamomile, linden, valerian are all options that are perfect to help you relax while taking the liquid your body needs. If you fancy something fresher: juices, fruits or smoothies will replenish vitamins and minerals that will make you feel much better after the effort.

4. Massages

Few things are more relaxing than a good massage that eliminates the accumulated tension in any area of ​​your body, perhaps sore after an intense workout. Massages are great at breaking down the tension that is built up in the muscles during high intensity efforts. This is helpful in helping the muscles to not only relax back to their normal state, but it also helps stimulates blood flow to promote healing and recovery.

Relieve the feeling of heavy legs, neck, hamstrings and more with a specific massage that help you relax after your routine at the gym. If you are unable to go to a place to get a massage, you can look to invest in something like a massage gun. This is a portable device with different pieces all designed to loosen up your muscles to get recovery started sooner.

5. Rest and Recovery

For maximum health benefits after all the exercise you need to ensure that you incorporate time for your body to rest and recover. All some good time between your workouts, even days. There is much evidence to suggest that your body actually gets better results in you factor this in as an integral part of the overall health objective. In the ‘not gym days’ go for a walk instead or do something light like gentle pilates or stretching.

Healthy Gym Tips

Healthy Gym Tips

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