Do you want to have a beautiful back, with firm and toned muscles? Well, try training with some machines to work your back in the gym and you will gain strength in the trunk while you achieve the desired “V” shape.

It is usually the great forgotten one of the training routines, but having a healthy and strong back not only means having a slim figure, with a uniform muscular development, but also, the best guarantee for the practice of many other sports that require balance and correct posture.

Traps, delts, lats, rounds or rhomboids are some of the basic muscles that shape the back of the core and that you can tone with specific exercises and with some back training machines that are available to you at the gym. Knowing them a little better is worth it.

The best devices to train your back in the gym

An effective method to work the back muscles is to do it with the help of innovative machines with which you can obtain good results in less time. Defining the lats or achieving a greater volume in traps is easier with the gym equipment to train back that we present to you.

1. Pulleys

High or low, fixed or mobile, the pulley, in any of its modalities and heights, makes it possible to fully work both the back as a whole and some of the specific muscles that make it up and that sometimes require specific exercises. For the development of the upper lats, the chest pulley (sitting and pulling the bar) is perfect, and, if your goal is to gain amplitude and volume in the upper zone, the pull over with the high pulley cannot be missing from your routine. To strengthen the back in the gym.

2. Rowing

In a fitness room there are different types of equipment with which to “row”. The cable rowing machine allows you to do a complete aerobic exercise in which both the upper and lower body are involved, but, in addition, the fact of “pulling” the row with both arms, bringing the elbows back, is a magnificent workout for the upper back. The scapular muscles are used thoroughly in this movement, helping to achieve firm, defined and rounded shoulders in the process.

Also, you can work your back in the gym on another less known machine such as the T-bar row. Training in it consists of holding a bar (with or without weight) that hangs from the apparatus as a pulley. While sitting, you must grasp the bar with both hands and pull down towards the abdomen, overcoming the resistance. Without a doubt, a complete work of each and every one of the muscles of the back with which you will achieve a harmonious widening.

3. Bench for extensions

If your goal is to work the lower part of the back, specifically the lower back area, a bench for back extensions can be of maximum use. It is not a very common machine, but, if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to use it. Among other exercises, this bench will allow you to flex your trunk forward from the vertical while contracting the muscles in the lower area and slowly rise again.

This device is ideal for strengthening the area, preventing lumbar injuries and improving posture, gaining stability for the practice of any other sporting activity.

4. Pectoral Extension Machine (Butterfly)

It is not lacking in any gym, it is easy to use and valid not only to strengthen your pectorals doing the classic chest openings (peck deck), but also to give amplitude and strength to shoulders and back. If you want the extensions to especially affect the delts, you just have to turn around and do the openings the other way around that is, facing the back of the machine. A simple trick that can be of great help in your back work in the gym.

“Here are some very practical exercises to widen your back in the gym by the hand of our expert Albert Massana.”



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