Especially if you have been going to the gym for a short time, surely you have more than one question that you would love to solve. Take a look at our list of questions to ask yourself at the gym and get the answer you are looking for. Some will surprise you.

Am I wearing the right equipment? Have I chosen the best time? Should you rent a locker? Asking yourself a thousand little questions when you start training in the gym is the most normal thing in the world. Most of them have an easy solution and others will require that you simply ask the coach or those in charge of the center you go to. To start, take a look at the following common questions that are asked in the gym and take note of the answers. They will be very useful to you.

1. Have I chosen the gym that suits me?

The first days you may wonder if the gym you go to is the “good one”. To get the answer, weigh the pros and cons your gym has to offer. Catch you near home or work? Does it allow flexible hours? A reasonable price? Does it offer the type of training or classes you are looking for? If you answer yes to everything (or almost everything), you have succeeded in choosing your gym. !! Congratulations!

2. Am I wearing good equipment?

It is a common concern in the gym among beginners. Don’t give the team more importance than it is. Unless you are going to practice a specific activity that requires it, comfortable clothes and good shoes are all you need in your backpack for the gym. As you progress in fitness, you will have time to find out if your workout requires a specific accessory.

3. Do I train on my own or with a personal trainer?

It depends on your physical level and the objectives of the training routine you choose, but, in the first sessions, it is always convenient to have the advice of a monitor to guide you on the routines that are best for you.

4. Am I making a fool of myself?

Entering the room, seeing everyone training at an enviable pace and feeling that we will not be able to reach that level, is something more common than you think. You are not going to make a fool of yourself and, besides, nobody is looking at you to check the level you are starting from. Rest assured that in the gym everyone focuses on their own training trying to improve.

5. Why am I not seeing results?

Gain muscle, lose weight, and build endurance. Whatever your goal, it will take a while. Try to get the most out of each training session without obsessing over this question. If you think you are not really making enough progress, ask yourself if you are following the correct diet and if you’re routine in the gym is adequate.

6. Do I train with or without weights?

Many people believe that going to the gym necessarily involves weight training, but this is not always the case. If you are new to fitness, save the barbell and dumbbells for when you have a good physical level and master the technique of basic exercises.

7. Do I shower here or at home? Hot or cold water?

Where to shower is something that depends exclusively on your preferences. Regarding the temperature of the water, the ideal is to start the bath with warm water and, little by little, go to the cold one to tone up the muscles that have just worked hard.

8. Do I carry the water bottle with me or do I leave it in my backpack for later?

You surely know that good hydration is important when exercising. The answer to this normal question in the gym is that the bottle must always be close to you, because you should drink not only at the end of the session, but during the session. Water bottle and sweat wipe are a basic kit that accompanies you in each exercise.

9. Should I take nutritional supplements?

It is not “mandatory” although, sometimes, you see that in the gym itself you can buy endless products pre and post training. Taking care of your diet and adapting it to sports activity does not necessarily imply taking, on a regular basis, carbohydrate or protein supplements.

10. Do I rent a locker or not?

Especially in large gyms, which are attended by a large number of people, it is recommended. It does not cost too much money and you can train more calmly.


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